Samesex Marriage by Inbetween
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Added: 13/09/2017 - 02:40PM
Updated: 21/09/2017 - 04:55PM

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Last updated at 16:55, 21 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 14:40, 13 Sep 2017

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Since I'm alone on working on this, if you want to contribute to the mod not just with words, but with some help in coding (for now I need only that) just add me. You just need some brain and goodwill to learn simple (but longwinded) things.

21.09.2017 02.06am (8 days of workshop): 1000 current subs and 1200 unique subs! I'm so glad to be of help! Thank you for the interest in the mod, love you all big time :)

And this is for all the haters, kids and grown-ups alike, who kept bashing the mod instead of helping! You made this possible, as without all the hate I received on the forums, I would not have been so determined to make a full-fledged modification of Mount&Blade!

Welp. It took some effort to upload this.

  • Samesex Court and Marriage available
  • Gender swap in Camp menu
  • Battle continuation (press Tab to end battle after being defeated)
  • New bandit faction (to spice things up both for bandits and Caravans alike)
  • Wife as companion

TODO (eventually, someday):

  1. Gender neutral sentences/added checks for player gender (this one is actually being actively done)
  2. Wife personalities, Yes or No to going to war based on their personality and different stats (and yes, different reactions of your courtship)
  3. Lords reactions (ADDED: Yes, this means different reactions of your courtship)
  4. Bandit faction to spawn after marriage is concluded (kind of an in-game joke, toggable)



  • Saves from others mods don't work on Samesex Mod
  • If Courtship options don't appear for you, switch gender in Camp menù and switch it back after proposal is done.

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