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CoGaTe Gaming - Offical Warband Banner for Viking Conquest - 08.06.2017


1. Copy the contents of the archive to your Viking Conquest texture folder located at:
\Steam\SteamApps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\Viking Conquest\Textures

If you are using a different or custom VC Module, select the filepath appropiately.

2. Overwrite the existing files.

You are also welcome to follow me on my Viking Conquest Blood Eagle Mod lets play on Youtube.


In this Mount and Blade - Viking Conquest Storyline lets play, featuring the Blood Eagle total overhaul mod,
you follow the story of Harald Bluetooth, who sets out to become the most legendary of all Vikings destinied to become Brytenwalda, the ruler of Britannia!
Viking Conquest is a DLC for Mount & Blade Warband available on Steam.

The Blood Eagle overhaul mod is available for download at: Blood Eagle Mod