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Iboltax - Adeline - Waswar

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Merged Iboltax's Male Face Replacer with Adeline and Waswar Female Face Replacer. Also, some new face textures for men.

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What's this:
It's a combination of mods that drastically improves faces of all characters, especially women.


  • Native Mount & Blade: Warband, v1.170 (reported to work on other versions as well)
  • Version for Floris Mod Pack v2.55e is available

  • Extract the archive into your module's folder (usually "Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\Native")
  • Overwrite the existing files.

Alternatively, and I recommend doing this:
  • Copy the Native module
  • Rename it
  • Install the mod into the copy

This way you will always be able to revert back to the original, in case something goes wrong.

WARNING: Female characters created with with this mod will appear distorted in multiplayer for other people (if they don't have this or the original Adeline and Waswar's mod). To circumvent this, follow the detailed instructions from HERE.

NOTE: If the following instructions don't work for you, or you get bugs, or other issues — please, don't ask me for help. I will not be explaining how to make it work with other mods, because I'd have to go digging through the files and re-learn everything related to Mount & Blade modding. You might as well do it all yourself — that would be just as effective, if not more. If you don't want to learn by trial and error (the way I did it), go to TaleWorlds forum, there are some guides and tutorials that might help you. But don't expect somebody to just give you an easy solution… when it comes to modding this game, *everything* is more complicated than it should be.

To install this replacer into a non-native module, extract everything as usual, but don't overwrite "module.ini". Instead, open this file (the one your module's folder) with any text editor, find the section in which every line starts with "load_resource" (may also include "load_mod_resource" or "load_module_resource"), and add the following lines to the top:
load_mod_resource = char_common
load_mod_resource = char_man_beard
load_mod_resource = char_man_hair
load_mod_resource = char_man_face
load_mod_resource = char_woman_hair
load_mod_resource = char_woman_face
Next, remove each of the following lines:
load_resource = textures_face_gen
load_resource = materials_face_gen
load_resource = meshes_face_gen
load_resource = beards
load_resource = hair
Lastly, make sure that other BRF-files specified in "module.ini" do not contain meshes or texture references with the same names as the ones in my mod. If there are conflicts, you may experience severe graphical glitches. In that case, use OpenBRF to open the BRF-files, check for conflicts, and remove the conflicting entries.

A bit of history:

Iboltax's mod is currently the only mod I'm aware of that makes men look semi-decent in Warband. Broken_one and Barf's female face replacer was also the only thing availible for the longest time, and while I wouldn't say it looks ugly (miles better than vanilla!), it gives women grotesquely tall foreheads. You can only imagine how ecstatic I was to discover Adeline and Waswar's mod, which not only looks much better than the what I had before, but also fixes the foreheads. Unfortunately, nobody seemed to care enough to combine it with Iboltax's mod, so I decided to do it myself. I accomplished this almost entirely through trial and error (as well as a bit of logical thinking), as I don't exactly know how to mod Warband.

Please, report any bugs you encounter. If you can suggest possible improvements - feel free to do so.