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Added: 06/02/2017 - 07:05AM
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I found it annoying that weapons like the Long Axe were One-Handed/Two-Handed. I didn't see much of a point in using it with a shield if it just makes it swing slower, and it was annoying to see my character running around holding something similar to a Dane Axe with only one hand. This is a simple mod that takes all the weapons in VC that are classified as One-Handed/Two-Handed, and makes them strictly Two-Handed (even weapons you wouldn't normally use in the game, such as pickaxes, because well...why not). I also find it aesthetically pleasing to see Huskarls and Berserkrs with shields on their backs, and gripping Long Axes with both of their hands. However, this means that you will NOT be able to use a shield with these weapons anymore.

Install/Uninstall: Take the "item_kinds1.txt" file and put it in your Viking Conquest folder in Modules, and overwrite the already existing file. If you feel like you might want to switch back to having the weapons be One-Handed/Two-Handed again, I highly recommend you make a copy of the "item_kinds1.txt" file that is already in your Viking Conquest folder, and paste it somewhere you'll remember it, such as your desktop, BEFORE downloading this mod. On the other hand, if you already know how to edit the properties and stats of items and weapons, you should be fine, and most likely won't even need this mod at all.

  • In the Cheat Menu, you can find two Goidelic Champion Swords that are already two-handed, and even do more damage. However, you can only get them through the cheat menu. This mod changes the One-Handed/Two-Handed versions of the Champion Swords that can be bought by a weapons merchant to be strictly Two-Handed.
  • This mod was made for the most recent version of Viking Conquest Reforged Edition. I don't think it will work with older versions of Viking Conquest, or at least versions that have different items and weapons from the most recent version.
  • THIS MOD ONLY CHANGES THE WEAPON CLASS! It does not change the damage, speed, or any other stats of the weapon.
  • So far I have only experienced one problem with this mod. When you start a new game, long axes and other two handed weapons will not appear in the arms merchants' inventory. Instead, they'll be replaced by standards. If any of you know why this is and how it can be fixed, I'd greatly appreciate if you post a comment explaining it. Since I don't know how to fix this for now, my tip would be to start a new game BEFORE you use this mod, or use it with an already existing save. This problem only seems to effect merchants, and is more of an inconvenience. The weapons should still show up in the inventories of troops that use them. So you can possibly loot the weapons off of fallen enemies.