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!!!!!OUT OF DATE MOD GO TO MODDB FOR THE NEW/LAST VERSION!!!! -Complete graphical, gameplay, combat, campaign, music, audio, and misc overhaul of M&B Warband Viking Conquest.

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NEW Version!!!!! AT!!!!! ------------- 
Blood Eagle PN (Polished Native)2.0

-Combined the Viking Conquest Module with Polished Landscapes, with many many fixes and new Meshes and Textures!
-Edit many scenes.
-New, different Textures for a lot of stuff!
-Polished World Map
-Way more Game World immersion overall.(+small things like, borders, sky)
-Complete overhauled music
-Some new sounds
-Villages are harder to raid
-You get a chance to loot ships after sea battle of 50% and they can be looted with a very
poor condition or the best condition. So there you can make more money.
-Fief taxes have been changed, you get more money
-No spears in Tournaments
-More money from raiding montessoris
-The leveling for the Player and NPC is a bit easier, you get more XP
-Buildings are build a bit faster
-Overhauled Women Tree
-Coork staff replaced with a club
Have fun and enjoy!
I had to upload this version to Moddb for now,

Read this or a giant eagle will take you and your family to it's nest...

V3.4 and the new HotFix are out
V3.4 Patch Notes 3.4 fixes several scenes as well as adding new graphical stuff.
-Is updated to VC 2028!
-Improved scenes, battle scenes and probs
-a Troop fix
-changed the event pics back to native VC, improuved interface
-and other fixes, improuvements
HotFix for 3.4
-Shield Bug fixed!
-Villages are harder to raid
-You get a chance to loot ships after sea battle of 70% and they can be looted with a very
poor condition or the best condition. So there you can make more money.
-Traders have more money in Towns
-Fief taxes have been changed you get a lower fief inefficienty and they only
start at Campaign Ai low/bad 15fiefs, at medium 12 fiefs when AI is set
to good 10 fiefs. This is done to make the late game more playable with
bigger Armies and many fiefs
-Get more relation when freeing a Lord
-and a few other small ones

is out
V3 Patch Notes-

Note, V3 is not savegame compatible. It requires a new game. Blood Eagle is still fully functional with the storyline campaign as well, though it is meant to be played in any of the sandbox options.

Completely Overhauled Troop Attributes, Stats, Skills, Proficiency's-All Troops have been overhauled in regard to skills and stats. Everyone from the lowly saxon Fyrdman to Mercenaries to prison guards. As tiers progress, troops will no longer have the same attributes like the base version, nor will they go from 50 one handed to 180 one handed in one upgrade. Everything has been completely redone for every single recruitable troop. It would take me five hours to list the changes, so you'll just have to looks at V3's troop trees.

Revamped Troop Equipment-Peasants no longer carry shields, axes, and spears. Peasants now carry seaxes, hooks, clubs, knives, as their piss poor to afford a shield. Any infantry unit beyond tier one will have a shield though. Minus archers and skirmishers Spearmen now carry spears, throwing spears, and seaxes. Axemen carry axes, just axes. Swordsmen carry guess what? Swords! Along with these equipment changes, most troops (excluding skirmishers) no longer have javelins or spears. Only the higher tiers, this is to encourage the use of skirmishers. 

Overhauled troop names-A really big new change accompanying this patch are the new troop names. For factions, troops have recieved names such as this, angle spearman -> [A] Spearman the [A] representing culture so Norse would be [N], saxon would be [S], etc. Other troop name changes are for mercenaries and bandits, instead of the rather dull bandit names like "bandit leader" you may find a "Lord of Brigands" or some hostile "Thieving Peasants", and for mercenaries you will find more foreign names, like "Frankish Sellsword" or "Germanic mercenary", etc.

Remade troop/upgrade/recruitment trees. With emphasis on Skirmishers-Every Faction now has Calvary, archers, and skirmishers among their roster. You can also upgrade to an axeman or a spearman in the same upgrade path, both have their ups and downs, and both upgrade into the excellent "swordsman" unit(s). Skirmishers can carry a lot of javelins, and can kill a lot if placed on a hill and they will valiantly fail defending themselves with tiny light spears and shields. They're relatively easy to get, and can make up a poor mans army as you can upgrade to them from the lowly peasant.

Faction troop specialties-Each faction has certain troops that may be better than another factions, but not by an overpowered or unbalanced amount. An example of this is that the Norse may have somewhat better one handed and polearm proficiency over the Saxons, thanks to their militaristic society, but not by much. And the Irish have excellent archers, while the Picts are the only faction to have crossbowmen in their roster, while also having the best Skirmishers in the mod. These are just a few examples.

The Norse have Women in their ranks-Norse skirmishers&archers are made up of women in their roster. This is to add more variety and a bit of untold history into the mod.

Vanilla VC Female faces added back in-The vanilla VC fem faces have been re-added into the mod. I thought the ones in original VC were too pretty, and not that realistic.

Some Customer satisfaction

"In this mod I have legs!" -Ivar the Boneless

"The Norse came back and conquered my country cause some ****** helped the Danes. 0/10" -Alfred the Great

"The Norse roster tree includes female soldiers. That's pretty f*cking progressive. I approve." -Lagertha

"I got shot in the face trying to retake Bebbanburgh." -Uthred of Bebbanburgh

"IGN told me it's like Skyrim with Vikings, so I picked it up. Was not dissapointed" -Lord Todd Howard of Bethesda game studios


Blood Eagle Mod "Series" at YouTube! from

Note: This trailer is based off Version 1 of Blood Eagle, current version is V3, which includes many graphical fixes and changes!

Please see V3 patch notes. This description is currently a bit outdated.

Combat, Item, Cost, and Gameplay changes

In Blood Eagle, combat and gameplay has been changed significantly. This includes changes for troop statistics, weapons, armor, and shields. Along with this, the value of items have been reduced to a reasonable amount. No longer will you pay 300 schillings for a tunic.

Bows-Brutal at cutting down vile and filthy unarmored peasants running around on the battlefield, bows are effective tools at damaging enemies in a shield wall, making it easy for your men to cut enemies down, and archers can be brutal if placed right in a siege. And a experienced archer with bodkin arrows can take down even the most determined heathens.

Crossbows-Ah, a (roughly) new invention! Crossbows can be a pain in the arse, a good volley into armored or unarmored targets will kill. Crossbows can be worth your time if you're not interested in training up bows. Crossbows have their downsides, however... 

Spears-Highly effective weapons after the fall of WRE, spears were dominant in any wars involving saxons or danes. In Blood Eagle, spears now do more piercing and blunt damage. Stab a peasant with your trusty stick, and he'll go to whatever god he serves.

Axes-Axes were relatively common during the viking invasions. They served as a trusty sidearm to your spear, and a saxe served as your sidearm to your axe. In Blood Eagle, there is a huge variety of new axes. Including two handed axes! Low tier axes, meaning common and less effective, do cut damage but are still effective for warriors who don't have much money. High tier axes and most two handed axes do piercing damage, meaning they will cut through mail and gambersons like butter.

Swords-Rare, effective, and noble. That's what swords are in Blood Eagle. Swords remain close to vanilla, because we felt balance was done well in VC. However, unique swords now do less damage and are less valuable and effective. I felt they were far to easy to acquire in vanilla, and far to OP.

Saxes (seaxes)-Saxes now do more damage. However saxes have been removed from troop inventories, because I got tired of my highly equipped warriors using a puny butter knife!

Javelins/Throwing Spears-When these things are thrown at you, hope to god you have a shield, because you won't survive. Javelins usually are one shot one kill if you don't have mail on, however to balance this you can only carry one javelin per inventory slot. So you and your troops only have on javelin or spear to throw. Trust me, it's infinitely satisfying to be in a formation and throw your javelins as an enemy formation approaches, and to watch several enemies collapse to the ground.

Shields-Relatively unchanged from vanilla. Trusty things that can withstand javelin and spear strikes.

Armor-Mail, gambersons, light armor, and tunics now have much reduced cost. You will not be paying 10000 schillings for a piece of crap mail coat. Unique mail coats you get from quest and encounters are nerfed as they were way to OP in vanilla. For example, Orm's Lorica is no where near as powerful as it was in VC.

Cost-Everything cost reasonable for a dark age economy. You will not be paying 1000 schillings for spears, as that's ridiculous, and you will not be paying 500 schillings for a nice looking tunic, as that's also ridiculous.


Music in Blood Eagle has been overhauled. Unlike VC, you will not hear weird celtic orgasms in the background as you are traveling across Old Britannia. While some vanilla VC tracks have been kept, many have been replaced for high quality fitting instrumental music. Battle music however, has been replaced with the sound of the wind and the weather. This is too immerse you in a visceral and bloody battle via ambience.


By far the most impressive changes in Blood Eagle. Graphics in Blood Eagle are brand new and nice looking. They are optimizing and if you can run vanilla VC, then you should be able to run Blood Eagle. Scenes, flora, textures, almost everything has been overhauled for a much more grand and impressive looking game. The graphics of Blood Eagle are comparable to 1257 AD and Brytenwalda Repolished and Floris, among other great WB mods.

Installation Guide

To install this mod, navigate to your Warband module folder. This is typically found in program files (x86 if you use a 64 bit computer)-Steam-SteamApps-Common-M&B Warband-Modules, once you find that, open the archive you downloaded from this nexus page, and plop the folder in your modules folder. There, you're done!


Here's some important notes about the mod.
1. We don't take request. We are open to suggestions, but not blatant request.
2. We are not going to be mad if someone says there's something wrong with the mod. I'll address the issue appropriately with a professional attitude.
3. We'll always address legitimate comments and concerns. 
4. There are a few harmless script errors in the mod. Please ignore them, they are completely redundant and harmless.
5. The download can take quite a long time. This is of course dependent on your internet speed, but the file is quite big due to being it's own module and having a lot of music and unique textures/content.
 Mod is not save game compatible with viking conquest saves

Note: This mod is not compatible with Dark Age which you can find here:


Dark Age for Viking Conquest by ha3481
a graphic overhaul submod for VC . Assets have been used from It and Viking Conquest, Brytenwalda, PolishedLandscapes from gutekfiutek, CWE OSP, too. Music Credits:The Messenger (Original VC music composer), Ramin Djawadi (about one song from GOT used in this mod) Trevor Morris (Composer for the Vikings tv show), and a few independent random youtube songs I wasn't able to track the authors.


Do not do anything with this mod without permission from HooTmAn or Kale3!
Blood Eagle overhaul mod by HooTmAn (dukanGW) & Kale3

Important! I (Kale3) will be unable to work on future updates. I've largely lost interest in VC,
mainly due to the disaster that is Warband code. I had a great time
making this mod, but at this time I'd much rather work on other stuff.
HooT may be able to update the mod at some point.

Enjoy the mod at Moddb with the last Version for Viking Conquest! :)