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Recently, I've played a couple of siege battles and it wasn't long until I discovered some of the shortcomings, like the lack of detailed AI meshes is vital places, randomly placed spawn points and some floating props. Judging by the amount of work Docm invested in the mod, it's understandable why the siege scenes suffered (actually, it's one siege scene). Thus, I decided to spend a few hours and fix all the issues I could discover, and of course, share the results with you all.

Fixes and improvements:
- Vastly improved the AI meshes. The AI is much less likely to get stuck. Also, they can now access more places. Therefore, you will never see again agents getting stuck at spawn or during the assault.
- Added a small second line of defense close to the defender spawn point. Previously, the AI would just sit at spawn without cover, waiting for the attackers to come. Now, they have a barricade.
- Improved visuals in and around the town. Removed the tall buildings placed outside the town, and replaced them with village ones. Made adjustments to the town walls, as to better align them.
- Fixed and adjusted most of the props, which were either floating or just didn't align properly with the terrain. Some of the were removed or replaced. Other props were sitting pointlessly, so I rearranged them.
- Added various details outside the town, especially around the barricades.
- Placed invisible AI barriers in front of the spikes, as to prevent the attackers from getting stuck into them.
- Adjusted the waypoints.
- Filled one or two hollow areas just because they looked bare.
- Overall more defendable, due to the spawn point adjustments and AI improvements. Defenders are less likely to move out of their initial position.
- Moved the defender reiforcement wave spawn to the town gates, and added barricades, which greately help to improve the defense.
- Some more stuff I might not remember.