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Warband was clearly an improvement over the original M&B in many ways, but it changed many things from the original Mount&Blade which I know many people out there miss. I decided to take it upon myself to bring back the days of yore by restoring many of the nostalgia-worthy things that were changed or removed in Warband.

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The original Mount&Blade has been pretty much forgotten since Warband was released. Warband was clearly improved in many ways, but changed in many other ways which I didn't like, and I know many people out there miss lots of things about the original Mount&Blade. I decided to take it upon myself to bring back the days of yore by restoring many of the nostalgia-worthy things that were changed or removed in Warband; like the original map, adding items that were removed or never implemented, giving troops their original equipment, etc.

Many new features were added as well (see the massive list below), such as complete overhauls to how the game's battles work, enabling options for planning before battle, fixing many things, and SO much more. 


List of Features

My changes -
~The original map restored and an area added for the sarranid desert
~Original Faction Colors
~Lords now use the correct banners that were intended for them and their culture in M&B
~Added several items which were removed in early versions of the game
~Added several new items as well.
~Re-textured several existing items to resemble the originals
~Added the old warhorses as a variant along with the new ones
~Changed equipment of troops to resemble the original troops
~Increased betting amount for tournaments
~ Vastly increased the battle size to match that of Viking Conquest
~Increased number of waves and reinforcements, making battles possibly go on indefinitely
~Reduced village/town improvement build times (it shouldn't take 4 weeks to build a watchtower after all)
~Increased number of mercenaries available to hire
~Many items added, but only ones that fit perfectly into the vanilla game.
~Some balancing and tweaks to stats
~Included and tweaked many of the below resources to fit seamlessly into the vanilla game

~Added coastal battles, where the ocean is included in the battle scene when fighting near the sea
~Finally fixed the premature routing bug. In fact, routing has been completely overhauled and is MUCH better now. You can actually very often win by routing everyone instead of killing every last person, like real battles.

~Added the overhauled HDR lighting mod, enhancing atmospheric graphics during night, dawn, sunset, etc.
~Added actual rain and fog, features that were in the vanilla game but never implemented.

~Fixed tournaments so that they will use blunt steel weapons instead of wooden ones. Because smacking an armored warrior twice with a wooden stick to completely knock them out makes no sense and isn't historically accurate anyway; blunt weapons were indeed used in medieval tourneys.
(Regular arena fights and training ground fights still use the wooden weapons though.)

~Added a cool little message which appears the first time you ever fight a battle. It just reminds the player of the tactical controls. I feel like this was severely needed in the vanilla game because many people go for a long time not even being aware that they can order their troops.
~Retextured nord lamellar to fit their faction color.
~Edited some scenes. A couple rhodok cities have had their siege scenes overhauled (before they all just used the same siege scene).

~Added several new spears. This is because in vanilla, every faction pretty much used the same polearms, lacking balance and diversity. 
~Different factions have been given different polearms, adding yet more to unique faction advantages:
Rhodoks - The best spears, but not very good sidearms
Swadia - The worst spears, but the best sidearms
Vaegirs - Medium spears, and medium sidearms
Sarranids - Medium spears, and medium sidearms
Nords - Good spears, and very good sidearms (but no cavalry, so this isn't overpowered)
Khergits - *not applicable since they have no infantry*
(Keep in mind that sidearms really haven't been altered much, so the look from vanilla troops is still DEFINITELY in line with what the devs intended, just balanced and diversified)

~Spears have been made more useful as well. All spears are much faster and do more damage. Spears are no longer useless! Hooray!!!
~Desert scenes are now MUCH less boring. Instead of just having sand, they now have shrubs, palm trees, rivers, pebbles, sparse grass, etc.
~Some troop balancing
~brought back the click sound effect which was previously so silent that it practically didn't exist

Changelog 1.4
Some features of this update are not save compatible with the previous version!
New Downloaders - Don't worry about this.
(Your older save should run fine on the new version, but some bugs will still be there, etc.) 

~Added overhead polearm animations to spear weapons, both one handed and two handed
(*overhead* not to be confused with overhand). The AI makes full use of the animations as well.

~Changed leadership and renown to allow for larger parties for both the AI and the player to accommodate the larger battle size
~Added a bunch of new desert and coastal scenes to reduce repetitiveness there.
~Put some unused items of the vanilla game into appropriate use, increasing diversity.
~Added a lamellar armor for vaegir guards because the banded armor they used before was way overused previously.
~Made watchmen, huntresses, camp followers, etc. into designated archers instead of infantry as before
~Added 'Volunteers'; infantry equivalent to 'Watchmen.' They can upgrade into the new Pikemen units.
~Added designated pike units to make use of pikes and make the bracing feature less useless. They are mercenaries and can be hired in taverns.
These pikemen also carry shortswords which they will use in siege battles (unless ordered to equip sidearms in open battles.)
~Alot of rebalancing.

~Fixed banners having the wrong background colors, so no more awkward looking heraldic armors, etc.
~Kingdom flags and default flags now have proper background colors for their banners! Hoorah!

~Fixed a broken dialogue tree with lords defecting to join the player kingdom.
~Fixed the broken 'guarantee polearm' script.
~Fixed an annoying error message that appeared on the campaign map after winning a siege defense battle.



I included both a replacer version and non-replacer version for those of you who may not actually want to use this as a replacement for your native module. 
Only download one of these.

1) Just grab the Native (Classic Native if using the non-replacer version) folder included in the download and drop it into your modules folder.
By default, the modules folder is in "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules"
Overwrite existing files if prompted.

2) Copy the sound files from "Native\Sounds" (or "Classic Native\Sounds" if you use the non-replacer) folder to "Mount&Blade Warband\Sounds" and overwrite the ones already there.
This isn't completely necessary, but do it if you want audible rain, audible click noises, and less obnoxiously loud horse trot sound effects.


motomataru's Campaign Ai Fixes

Slawomir of Aaarrghh's Tavern Animations Pack - Makes the taverns more lively by adding fully animated sitting and drinking people, tavern musicians are also animated.

Taragoth's Freelancer mod - Gives a COMPLETELY new way to play the game, allowing the player to enlist as a soldier in an NPC lord's army. The player can move up the ranks of the kingdom they sign up for (for example, Swadian recruit to Swadian Knight), can request leave, instigate a mutiny in the lord's army, and all sorts of other stuff.

motomataru's Formations and battle AI - Drastically improves how battles work. Instead of running at you like a bunch of idiots, enemy warbands actually use tactics, flanking with cavalry, moving their infantry as actual formations, forming archer lines, etc. Many new orders are also now available, like telling troops what weapon type to use, volley fire, avoid melee, changing formation type (wedge, column, shieldwall, and more).

jacobhinds' Overhauled Morale and Routing osp - Completely redone the routing system, also allows player to leave battle if all enemies are routed.

Arch3r's Bridge Battles osp - When you meet another party on top of a bridge, battle will actually take place on that bridge instead of just a randomly generated battlefield.

Caba`drin's Prebattle Orders and Deployment Mod - Adds many options to battles before you fight them, instead of "Charge" being your only option, depending on the player's leadership skill, you can order troops to hold, mount, use certain weapon types, do certain formations, go to a certain place, and many more, all before you enter battle.

Lav's Siege Camp Icon Mini-Mod
- Makes sieges visible on the campaign map by adding a map icon to them.

Caba`drin' Customizable Player Vassal Titles - Allows the player to customize their kingdom's vassal names in the camp menu.

Caba`drin' Companion Bodyguards/Escort mod - Allows companions to serve as bodyguards, actually following you into towns/village scenes when walking around. They will help you in bar fights, bandit ambushes, etc.

SonKidd' Guarantee all weapon types osp - Makes
sure that all npc's spawn with each type of weapon they have, so spearmen actually all spawn with spears.

nemchenk's Ethnic Troops Mod - Changes the faces of troops so that each culture has distinct facial features.

hessuu's Recruiter kit - Adds the option to hire a recruiter from your town's menu, the recruiter can recruit troops of whichever kingdom you choose and will bring them back to the town garrison.

Glabrezu's Manhunters Mod - Adds new options to manhunters, allowing you to sell prisoners to them or to attack them.

Credits for meshes/textures
note: the following mesh resources have been implemented judiciously: only where they fit into the vanilla game very well!

Narf of Picklestink's rus armor pack
ShaunRemo's vaegir/sarranid helmet replacement pack
dia151's saracen armor
Slawomir of Aaarrghh's map icons
dejawolf's viking model pack
dejawolf's medieval helmets pack
Kovas's reworked armors

If I forgot some credits, let me know!



~Figure out how to make the escaped criminals (nervous man), tavern assassins, and drunks react instantly instead of standing there staring at you for 5 or 10 seconds after dialogue is closed while you kick their ass. (Like in Viking Conquest, how they react instantly)

~Figure out how to make formations (and the formations ai) take effect in village raids and custom battles

~Figure out a better way to increase battle size.
For now I've done this by having increased the reinforcement threshold; which, say, if you have 200 troops, makes those troops spawn little by little at the vanilla rate, like by 50 men at a time, until all 200 eventually spawn in after a battle starts, instead of like Viking Conquest, where the troops properly spawn all at once right at the start.


The vast majority of things contained in this mod were the work of others. However, All of the included meshes, scripts, etc. were posted to the Taleworlds forums as open resources for the community to use, and links have been provided to the talented authors of the content.