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War of 1812 is a modification for Mount & Blade: Warband Napoleonic Wars DLC module. Napoleonic Wars is required to play the mod. Set during the years 1812-1815 from Fort Erie to New Orleans.

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History Summary
This mod is based on the War of 1812, named after the year 1812, when war was declared. The United Kingdom and the United States are at war with one another. This war takes place in North America with Canada participating and the Natives. United Kingdom has Canada as an ally and the largest amount of support with the Natives. The United States have allies as well, but the Native support is much smaller in comparison. In the early years of the war, the U.S. performs horribly. The government buildings of York burns, however, so does the White House in response. The war unofficially ends in 1815, at New Orleans but communication did not reach word in Europe as fast. The war ended with no changes to the status-quo. The United Kingdom, United States, and Canada experience an increase of patriotism after the conflict..

Must have Napoleonic Wars in order to play this modNo exceptions.

For you guys that own Napoleonic Wars DLC you are in for a treat. This mod takes place in the same named War of 1812-1815 from Fort Erie to New Orleans with many historical units, uniforms, weapons and much more. Please, I cannot stress this enough, you must have Napoleonic Wars in order to play this mod! The mod is actively in-development as well with driveable canoes in the current version.


To install, you download the Final version full version installer (.exe) and run that installer when the download is finished.

Then you set the installer's installation path to be:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules

If you have the Steam version else it is similar if not. All mods go into /Modules directory folder.

NOTE: You must pay attention to make sure the installer says:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\War of 1812

If it says Beta 0.5 or anything different after \Modules then please edit the install path manually! It should be War of 1812 to join servers.


The War of 1812 mod for Napoleonic Wars is now on the Nexus! Page is heavily work in progress. No, this is not a April Fools Day joke.