Mount & Blade: Warband

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A simple training map for Viking conquest multiplayer

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Melee Arena
features a nice little enclosure to have small sparring sessions with a great view from the grounds from the spectator podium

Drill Area
Features a nice open space to practice any tactics without any objects hindering your movements.
also included is a mock dummy targets dressed to look more warrior like to practice engaging a shield wall.

Harbour/Ship training (Work in progress)
Features an open area for when implemented fully
will enable you to launch your warships to the navel training area. Which will include obstacles to practice maneuvering on the open sea.
mock boats with warrior dressed dummy's to practice attacking/boarding enemy vessels.

Guild Hall (Work in progress)
Will feature a beautiful interior design that your guild members can gather up for meetings/discussions

Archery Range
Features a secluded shelter to where you can practice your marksmen skills with longbows down range.
Mock warrior dummys are are included behind makeshift barricades to hone your accuracy


Guild hall is not yet enter able due to a glitch in the model, Need official patch from Viking conquest Dev's to fix.
Slight clipping of Terran in troublesome places


Feel free to use this map for your guilds training sessions and leave a comment if you encounter any problems or suggestions