Mount & Blade: Warband

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Yumi bow, yumi arrow and quiver, odachi, uchigatana, wakizashi.

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+ 0.23

1. Add a Naginata, it's in extra file.
2. trim extra file's shader.

+ 0.22

1. Fix main file's normalmap error.
2. Reunwrap extra_a's uv, retexture.

+ older

1. Add extra weapons, first is a katana, signature is "Tairyusai Sokan", you can give it a special name.

** BE CAREFUL **, too much meshs, more than 30,000...

how to install please read the README file.

+ older older

SSH samurai armour set it's so cool, but i can't found any high poly samurai weapon set, so i made
this mod that contains yumi bow, yumi arrow and quiver, odachi,
uchigatana, wakizashi. Hopes you like it.


This is a high poly mod, every weapon even has more than ten thousands meshs
and has no LOD , it means that you can use it for player, but DO NOT equip it to npc or other troops if your pc is not very very strong.


If you can, please use the extra file also, because it is more beautifull.... :)

Someday i will rebuild the main weapons,  they are good, but not perfect.