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It is the year 220 BC and conflict rages across Europe. As Carthage and Rome draw ever closer to war, the Hellenes continue to battle amongst eachother in the east. To the north, Celtic and Germanic tribes pursue their own goals, whether it be the destruction of a neighboring tribe or migration to the fairer lands of the south.

The Mod
Roma Oritur is a persistent world based mod with its time period set in the 3rd century BC, primarily focusing on the second Punic War. We aim to provide a historically accurate and immersive experience with the persistent world setting. Experience the ancient world as you have never seen before, and enjoy a vast array of armor and weapons to battle your enemies with.

-A variety of weapons and armor from a multitude of cultures; Samnium, Epirus, Pontus, Rome, the Seleucid Empire, Carthage, etc
-New horses, elephants, camels, and other animals
-Overhauled economy to provide a more intense experience
-Extremely detailed map with 8 factions, each with an unique settlement
-Banking, armor saving, weapon saving, gold saving scripts
-Two official servers at release; EU and NA
Planned Features
-Health will decline if you do not eat
-Agriculture will have greater importance and economic worth
-As many new items as we can get
-Horse archers
-New banners
-New foods

Current Map Features
-8 Factions
-Large, painstakingly detailed settlements
-Factions control several settlements with secondary and tertiary banners located in surrounding villages
-Agricultural land situated outside of every faction
-Diverse armories and stables
-Variety of cultures - Macedonia, Epirus, Seleucid Empire, Carthage, Rome, Gaul, Germania, Masaesylian Kingdom
-Mines located in between factions to encourage conflict/RP
-Civilian clothing in each faction to encourage RP
-Much, much more

Check out our forum post on taleworlds and join our steam group to get more info and updates.,305797.0.html