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Diplomacy Compilation - Diplomacy + Battle Time + OSP Scripts & Items!

Permissions and credits
Diplomacy Compilation[/size] ver. 4.1
For Warband version 1.143 /,208550.0.html

Diplomacy Compilation 4.1 (4/9/13)
New to 4.1:
- Fixed bugs.
- Better gfx.
- This version of Diplomacy Compilation is more polished. The next version (4.2?) will have diverse troop trees, more features, items and
immersion factors. No e.t.a on the next update as it will be the biggest and hopefully last version of Diplomacy Compilation. In the meantime uninstall the old version, and install 4.1!

Diplomacy Compilation 4.0b (4/7/13)
New to 4.0b:
- Fixed an error, and added "Give me time to save" back without needing cheat menu.

Diplomacy Compilation 4.0a (4/6/13)
New to 4.0a:
- The winners of duels in multiplayer get health restored.

Diplomacy Compilation Setup 4.0 (4/6/13)
- New installer for Diplomacy Diplomacy added to Downloads section. The installer will install the mod on your pc, without having to
copy and paste files or needing Warband 1.143 installed. The nexus mod page will still
be available for the manual version of Diplomacy Compilation 4.0 (Need Warband 1.143 installed),
but future updates will only be supported via installers. Due to the size of the mod I couldn't post the installer on nexus,
so I will be using ADrive servers for now on.

Diplomacy Compilation 4.0 (4/4/13)
New to 4.0:
- Tournament Play Enhancements updated to version 1.5.
- Fixed fog of war glitch when you would go back and change options.
- Give me time to save can only be used when cheat menu is activated, via PBOD mod menu.

Diplomacy Compilation 3.5c (4/3/13)
New to 3.5c:
- Update to the execution of lords.
- Shield bash no longer a feature, due to balance issues.
- Strong Bow renamed Superior Bow, because of item modifier strong.
Sorry for the hiatus, PC was broken. Mod still only supports ver. 1.143, for next update I'm hoping to add more items, features and bug fixes.

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Features & Credit
Diplomacy 4.2 = Waihti / zParsifal
Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment v0.90.1 = Caba'drin
Battle Time v1.31 = Egbert
Warband Script Enhancer 2.4.8 = cmpxchg8b
Immersive Soundtrack = Adorno / Aeon / Taleworlds
Export/Import Companions = Rubik
Randomize Companions' Vassal Banners = Caba`drin
Lords equipment = marsalol
Arena Overhaul Mod 1.0 = Adorno
Training Fields = lucky lancer
El Arte De La Guerra UNOFFICIAL Siege Fix 1.5.3 = Leandrojas / Smarmellows
Floris Mod Sound Effects = Checkmaty / Eisenhouwer / rejenorst / __Khanate__
Blood Tweaks 0.5 = neil_v
Flying Arrows = Rubik
Calradia in Darkness v.1.2 = CHUR
Cinematic Compilation 2.0 = DOMA_
Polished Skyboxes = Charan
Quivers With Real Arrows = Spak
Combat Animation Enhancement v5.0 = Papa Lazarou
Zaitenko's Reinforcement Script = Zaitenko
Morale penalty based on troops quality v2.0 = kt0 / lazeras
Buy Troops Ale = Geoffrey Ashe
Customizable sparring matches v1.0 = Jinnai
Flipping coins with tavernkeepers = Albertus Magnus
Polished Landscapes v1.0 = gutekfiutek
Show date & time = Rubik
Custom troop tree = Bismarck / Dynamite Jewduh (Use Morgh's Mount & Blade Warband Mod Tools to edit: Search "custom" or "quickbattle")
Landowners/Mjavascript-event-stripped Duh
More natural grass and greener ground = Taro8
Arch3r OS: Random weather for multiplayer gamemodes = Arch3r
Extended Prisoner Chat = Mordachai
Change Commander = Rubik
Fire Arrows = El Guanche
Freelancer = taragoth / Freelancer Team
Crusader Mail Armour Pack = Marcel
More Warhorse = wanderer949
Bandit Heroes = Rubik
Shield Bash = xenoargh / Sinisterius [No longer supported as of 3.5c]
iggorbb OSP = iggorbb
Choose a side in any field battle = NaglFaar / lazeras / Windyplains
Fog of war = Cdvader
Custom lord notes = Lav
Floris Mod Basic Items = Credit to original authors
Tournament Play Enhancements 1.5 = Windyplains
sweetfxmod = BlindSh00ter18, SWEETFX, ((ENB)V3 series), MrExpendable for the original M&B version, (he made it compatible).
Dynamic Troop Trees = Dunde
Item Viewer = Rubik