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This is a port of Ron Losley's Realistic Combat Model for the original Mount & Blade to Warband designed to balance weapon and armor stats to make combat more realistic. Many enjoyed it for the original and i think it is about time someone ported it so here ya go.

Permissions and credits
here is a link to the original mod topic for the old version,348.0.html

here is a description from the original author Ron Losley

From Ron:

Realistic Combat Model for Native

This is a retrofit of the "Realistic Combat Model" (originally developed for Onin-no-Ran) to M&B native. This file contains the item_kinds1.txt file, and the source code.

Although fully playable, it is intended as a source for mod developers wishing to use the model. No attempts have been made to balance prices, and the results on game balance in Native are uncertain.

There may be errors. Lacking a clear historical frame, some values have been improvised from existing prices, weights, or in-game usage. ("Scale armor" ... what kind of scales? Steel? Iron? Hardened leather? Thick? Thin? Large? Small? ... it's cheap, so assume the worst.) Typos are also a possibility.

This is not fully tested. It is intended as a programming resource and demonstration of the RCM, and is not what you would call a complete "mod".
It is provided in response to overwhelming popular demand.

Ron Losey (RCM developer)

I have meticulously ported his work to Warband using my best judgment for the items and features not present in the original game, comments and criticisms are appreciated.
Feel free to use this in mods as that is the original purpose.
Creds are nice, have fun.
How to Install:
1. go to your Mount&Blade Warband\Modules folder a nd copy the "Native" folder and paste it right there
2. Rename that whatever you'd like (Probably RCM or Realistic Combat Model)
3. Copy the item_kinds1.txt and module.ini and paste it it the RCM folder (or whatever you named it)
4. Play!