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MOD which continues the theme of the native. This mod improves things, adding new items, troops, etc., etc. mod in development, will soon come version 1.0, with a new faction. the mod for this now in Spanish/English

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Definition: Mod that enhances the game by keeping the theme of caldaria, with several changes in the gameplay, and many new changes that leave them secure much to do.
Beta comes with some bugs and that, but fix them over time. (it's a demo than a beta)

-new trees for troops for each faction
-many new items
-new setting in the battles
-new tree of troops for mercenaries
-Lords and Kings with modified armor
-new Banners, more corresponding to each faction
-mercenaries of parties far from Caldaria (included in the new tree's troops of mercenaries)
-increase of number of arrows, javelins, etc.
- shields something more resistant
-Items unique to certain troops and Kings
- diplomacy
-possibility of recruiting more troops in villages
- increase to the number of money in betting
-new music of battles

Note: the names of new foreign mercenaries are prototypes, those names not possibly come in later versions of mod

What is expected to get the new version:

1) stuff that they will exit:
- battles and naval travel
- some new items
-elimination of bugs
- adjustments on items and factions
-diplomacy 4.0 or later
- and more with time.

2) things to perhaps include:
- new commands such as the art of war
-possibility of die or kill Lords
- possibility to join the departure of a lord
- new scenes
-a multiplayer
-a new faction, name in development based on the Byzantine Empire.

Sorry for my English, but I speak Spanish.