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New 5/11/13: NeoGK has a slew of new features, from flaming arrows to a ton of other mapper options for new maps. Way too many features to list here.

NEW 3/2/13: The GK Bundle is now NeoGK!!! HUGE amount of new features. Everything from catapults, ballistas and MORE! WAY too many features to list, please join US_GK_Siege to test them all out!

If the DL link is down, please DL from this alternate DL location (note: please only use this link if the above DL is down, support the M&B nexus!!):

NEW 12/12/12: Small updates, including adding some leggings for swadia and rhodok, and adding the cavalry axe to vaigir and nord cavalry. The cavalry axe is a bastard sword like (1h/2h) weapon which will give those classes versatility.

NEW 10/22/12: Weather and time of day effects added!!!!


Madmin, an admin tool with powerful features.

NSPE, Native Scene Prop Expansion. Empowering mappers with native compatible scripts to flesh out a scene.

NAE, Native Armory Expansion. Years of hard work balancing and adding new weapons to the native game. Enjoy new armor and weapon sets designed to help flesh out and balance the factions.