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Alpha of 2142 Mod

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Version 0.35 Released!


-Autofire for rifleman!
-Factions renamed according to lore
-Marksman/Sniper class added for both factions
-New item "Sniper Rifle
-New sound for shot & improved projectile
-Many changes to troops stats
-Polished Landscapes added
-Other small stuff I don't remember

No patch for current version

Lore by QuailLover;

It all started when the Ramosian Confederacy started to fragment. As the largest human government in the galaxy it had repercussions. Many of the factions inside the Confederacy started fighting each other. Many deviant groups found an opportunity to loot and riot. Fighting has broken out all over the slums and the innocent people are encouraged to stay indoors. The military combined with the loyalist aligned political leaders are striving to maintain control. They vigorously enforce martial law throughout their domain.

The Republic of Masemamar decided to capitalize on a priceless opportunity. As a small, mostly stable republic they sought to extend their power and flex their military muscles. The populations of the planets they conquer usually welcome them with open arms though the loyalists always are a thorn in their side. They have to keep a substantial force to police the populace. Which slows their eager war machine every time they conquer a planet…

-Unique futuristic athmosphere

-Completely new weapons and items (soon)

-New maps

-New scene props

-And more!




Special Thanks to:

Slawtering for testing, ideas and some items
[Fabio] for ideas


ithilienranger for Auto weapons

Xenoargh for Crouch fix

Goosemaner for Rock And Mountain Pack

Some info for sceners:

I should mention that buildings are built with modular pieces, there is no prebuilt ones. I've included small and big wall/roof pieces. Experiment with scale feature in edit mode to get desired results easier, roofs and floors can be easily made bigger for example.

Modularity also means it may take more time to scene as you need to adjust props.

For now there is only 4 different pieces with some variation (corners, windows,doors). I will make more next week for following versions, as I will be away rest of this week.

As for scening, please feel free edit any other scene except "Small Laboratory", "Base Alpha" and "Outpost".