Light and Darkness-Heroes of Calradia by oolonglgx
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A glorious heroic poem. Different ways for you to choose.

Plenty of scene vedios, branch tasks and plots. Impressive dialogues and interations among the NPCs with distinct individuality.

Numerous weapons and armors; ultimate equipments with special effects; a lot of props and treasures in a variety of styles.

All kinds of crystals to forge the unique equipment on your needs.

Brand new panels for battle management and quite many kinds of splendid battle skills.

Diverse strategies are elaborately designed: including rrangement for the battle, tactics by team, commanding of the army, weapon deployment, order system, etc.

A set of tactics, as trap, feint, luring attack, are not only practical but also easy handling.

Dozens of kinds newly added for more choices of the horse; deployment system of "horse + armor" helps to DIY your mounts as well as you wish.

Outflank or frontal attack? - The sea battles will give you very different feelings from the land battle.

A new amazing adventure in the dungeon will bring you the unusual fightings as stealth, backstab, etc. There you are awaited by even more than the troll, the undead, countless treasures, and items of rarity.

You may enjoy every interesting small games, such as horse-racing, shooting, blackjack, slot machine and so on.

And other more creation and improvment have been made in detail for you to play and enjoy.

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