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The mod takes place in year 1184. I wasnt happy about setting a specific date for the mod to take place in, because I wanted to focus mostly on warfare and game play outside of a date, but at the same time I wanted to use a map of Europe, and I had to choose a year as some sort of frame of operations in terms of what places should be included, who

Permissions and credits
Current Features
-Three countries: Kingdom of England, Kingdom of Scotland, Kingdoms of Ireland
-Complete reworked recruitment system. The recruitment does now resemble the feudal reality, read bellow for a complete guide.
-Map of Europe
-Historical Kings, Settlements, Lords and Banners
-Diplomacy, Custom Commander, Training Fields (used Native Mod Compilation - Lite 1.00 as base for this mod, see credits)
-Freelancer 1.5, with several improvements and modifications by me.

Plans for release after alpha
-Hopefully some new armors
-Banners that are not from Native
-Much more depth to the current recruiting revamp. The WIP mentions will be gone
-Different cultures in the same country. You will get Irish people from Ireland no matter if it is the English or the Irish who holds it.
-If a texture guy joins or I get lucky and get permission to use the armors from 1257AD or Europe 1200 you can look forward to more countries too. Making the code for a country is a 30 minute job, but there is no point when you only have Native armors.

Long term plans
-Complete map of Europe with all the relevant countries
-Many never seen before features, aspects to the game such as mercenaries, religion and culture that goes deep into gameplay, not just something that scratches the surface. I also want to make complicated sieges that resemble real medieval siege warfare.
-Herladic Horses (I am waiting for WSE to be updated to the newest Warband patch)
-Any nice suggestions you guys might come up with