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The Hornburg v. 0.11 for Warband 1.1553

Permissions and credits
Note: Rename the folder to Hornburg before play.

Changelog 0.11
Fixed Rohan Footmen not being able to pick up throwing axes
Fixed feet of Thrak the Black Arrow
Fixed Secret Invasion Wave Bot Boots
Increased accuracy of bows
Increased damage of bows
Resized and rerotated Nazgul blades, Andruil and witch kings blade
Added Torches to Gates of the Hornburg
Decreased agility and athletics of Feral Tribal Orcs
Decreased Ironflesh, Strenght and Power Strike of Vile Strange Orc
Increased armor of all shields by 1
Increased health of all shields by 20
Named Singleplayer Faction Lords
Added (not working) to the names of factions that have not yet had work started on them.
Removed Boromir\'s Shield from Uruk Troops
Changed the Uruk Great Cleaver damage to 45
Lowered the two handed cleavers damage to 41
Gave the arrows appropriate prices and damage values
Added appropriate Town Walkers and village walkers for Isengard
Placed some towns on their correct places
Placed bridges on river crossings.
Added script to orcs and uruks so you can no longer have human head/body/hands/feet
Added a new Rohan Mail armor
Increased armor of mail shirt
Decreased armor of Rohan Byrnie
Added Helm\'s Deep (Movie Version) Invasion map by Numerius
Added new invasion map - The Tomb
Added a variation of the Rohan scale armor
Added another rohan scale armor
Increased armor value of rohan scale armor to 50
Added Torches to Helm\'s Deep (Movie Version) Invasion map

Extract into your warband module folder
... And that\'s it (this time fo realz)

Alot, but you\'ll find out after you\'ve installed
No campaign available at this time, and custom battles are totally fucked up

Thanks to:
Mizore - Well, friend and support, also helped me with some code, and... Inspiration.
Kazzan - (me) Coder, scener
Fredelios - Modeler, and test server hoster
Brego - Modeler
Arch3r - OSP invasion code
John Howe - Concept Art
Ibanez - Code pieces
Freddex - Some Models, sceneing tips, testing and so on
Barf - OSP
Faradon - OSP
Albertus Magnus - OSP
Captain Lust - Orcish Scimitar
Meppey The mephisto - Death Threats, whining
Revan Shan - Misc stuff
Badun - Whining about being included
CoR - Testing and support
Wolfpack - Testing and support
OLL - Testing and support
Yoshiboy - A certain piece of Code
MaHuD - Help
Numerius - May contain some of his stuff

Other people who\'ve helped me with suggestions, testing and so on. Thank you to you all.