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Campaign World: Calradia
Warband Version: 1.153 - 1.158
Requires: Warband Script Enhancer v3.1.5 (included)

Premise: Native gameplay with a strong emphasis for improving convenience, gameplay and adding new options (such as quests) to the overall M&B: Warband experience.

Permissions and credits

Note: This requires use of Warband 1.153+ and the Warband Script Enhancer (included).

Domestic Policies – Going beyond naming and troop differences, your culture can set its own policies that influences its main focus, how it interacts with neighbors, how desertion is handled, how your culture views slavery and the kind of cultural unity your troops have.

Royal Decrees - Special times call for special measures and as a ruler you’ll be able to enact specific decrees to alter how things are handled within your kingdom from forcing conscription to focusing efforts on rebuilding.

Garrison Recruitment - Through a unique interface you can now queue up exactly which type and how many troops you want hired for each garrison that you own and those requests will be filled out based upon the budget you limit it to.

Regional Patrols - Up to three customizable bands of soldiers are at your command, if you can afford their upkeep, to patrol the lands around your fiefs and keep the bandit population down.

Cultural Recruitment – Through your minister you can alter your kingdom’s culture causing each of your villages to provide recruits of your designated culture and vassals under your control can be set to use them as well.

Castle Treasury – As the owner of a keep you can designate to store some of your wealth locally which is then used to pay for garrison recruitment and training. You can also setup a regular allocation from your weekly income to avoid needing to make regular deposits.

Prisoner Caravans – As you travel around you’ll encounter prisoner caravans making their way to the salt mines. These caravans can be raided for their prisoners or for their earnings when they are on the return trip. You’ll even be able to commission them yourself as owner of a keep.

Advisor (Castle Steward) – Companions can be assigned to take over the day to day management of a keep, handle hosting tournaments, oversee construction projects and serve as a hub for center based quests.

Advisor (Captain of the Guard) – Assigning a Captain of the Guard allows you to setup regional patrols, control recruitment to and training of your keep’s garrison.

Unique Auto-Loot System – A uniquely customized auto-loot system allows for an extensive degree of control over how your companions will upgrade their equipment as you want them to. You will rarely ever need to manage your companion’s equipment unless you wish to.

Party Role (Storekeeper) – Having a storekeeper assigned within your party allows someone else to manage purchasing, storing and serving food for your army.

Party Role (Quartermaster) – Assigning a companion as your storekeeper allows them to take over the process of picking up battlefield loot, storing it and selling it to available merchants as you visit towns.

Party Role (Jailer) – Instead of relying upon the player’s prisoner management skill you can assign a Jailer that will sell off your prisoners as you visit towns.

Book Reading – Even companions can be assigned books to read and carry them for benefit.

Companion Abilities – Companions now come with three special abilities that help further separate them in usefulness and utility. These are gained at levels 5, 12 and 20 and can range from enhancing their capabilities in combat, improving their utility to the party, improving their usefulness in a party role or enhancing their efficiency as an advisor. These abilities are predetermined and may not be altered.

Import / Export Capability – Companions can have their attributes, skills, proficiencies and stats carried over from one save game to another in the same manner as the player.

Parallel Construction – Up to three improvements may be constructed in parallel and at a slightly improved speed to maintain balance with the rest of the changes.

Damage & Repairs – Whenever a village is raided or a keep is successfully taken then all improvements within stand a chance of being damaged. If improvements sustain too much damage without being repaired then they will be destroyed entirely.

AI Scripting – The AI lords will also take advantage of fief improvements, using a scripted priority to decide when to build them and then repair them as needed.

New Improvements – Along with the system tweaks comes a list of new improvements that improve the prosperity, income or defense of your fiefs, but some of these enhancements will require an upkeep taking directly from the income of a location.

Consolidated Presentation – The mod features a custom built character creation process that consolidates all of the starting menu choices into one screen and combines the elements of your background into single story.

Stat Preview – Instead of having to start a character to see how the combination of backgrounds fit together from a statistical standpoint you’ll be able to see the benefits of your background right at character creation.

Added Backgrounds – Several background choices have been rebalanced, but numerous new options have been added to allow for greater starting diversity.

Difficulty Setting –As part of starting your game you can select a different level of difficulty that will alter the strength of your enemies or the difficulty of your quests. This should improve replay value depending on your preference in difficulty.

Player Abilities – Every five levels (up to level 30) you'll have the chance to select a new unique ability to further define your character towards various roles. These abilities can enhance the ways your skills function, how effective you are able to perform in combat and how your experience trading in the mod is.

Tournament Quests - Your character will regularly be invited or hear about tournaments in the world. Attending will improve your standing within the realm while refusing an invitation could harm it.

Nobility Quests – With property comes responsibility. At times your Castle Steward will need to call your attention back at your home keep to discuss issues of importance to defending your lands.

Companion Quests – More than simply travelers on the road, some companions have unfulfilled stories that you can take part in helping them with. A companion freed of their background story will have a much greater degree of loyalty to aiding your cause.

Village Quests - The frequency that villages will need help will be increased and they’ll have new issues requiring your assistance. Instead of randomly having quests chosen for you the Elder will give you a list of available quests to choose from.

Guild Master Quests – Town mayors are now less picky about which quests you take and let you pick from those that are available instead of randomly assigning them.

Customizable equipment options – What you wear and wield within a tournament is available as a selection of options instead of randomly assigned. This lets you tailor your participation to the fighting style you prefer most.

Customizable difficulty scaling – Recognizing that there is a wide range of difficulty preference in players the tournament system can be scaled to control how many teams, how large they are and how strong your opponents, but your choice influences the rewards you win if you place in the tournament.

Unique betting system - Instead of the native’s all or nothing betting system, the Silverstag tournaments allow you to bet on how well you will perform within a given round with the payout scaling based on how difficult your goal will be to achieve.

Enhanced AI – With a greater control over what you’ll be wielding and removing the chance of disqualification due to being knocked out the enemies have been significantly improved in difficulty. They’re faster, hit harder and know when to switch between melee and ranged weapons dynamically.

Revamped arena scenes – Tournament scenes have been entirely overhauled, using Adorno’s Arena Overhaul Mod, making them less of a cavalry stampede. For folks who prefer the native tournament design they can choose which scenes will be used on a town by town basis.

Customizable design – The default tournament is uniform throughout the different cities, but absolute control over what kinds of weapons the AI will use, their appearance and the scenery fought in is given to the player with decisions being customized on a town by town basis.

Scaled Rewards – Rewards include monetary gain, enhanced items, increased renown and improved relations with each of these scaling based upon the difficulty settings you’ve chosen and how well you perform within a given tournament.

Hall of Record – Your record of performance is tracked within each city letting you see how much you’ve won and how well you’ve performed in past cities.

Troop Formations – Battlefield formations have been added to allow the armies of the player and his enemies to form up shield walls, cavalry wedges and into tighter ranks.

Customizable Deployment Phase – Orders for how divisions should form up can be designated prior to entering battle or issued during a paused deployment stage at the initiation of combat.

Expanded Orders – Additional options exist for your troops, such as deploying pavise shields, igniting arrows or firing in united volleys.

The entire mod is packaged as a single .rar file that contains two folders. One is "Silverstag" and the other is the "WSE v3.2.0" (warband script enhancer) kit. Both of these folders need to be placed within your "..\warband\modules\" folder beside (not overwriting!) your "Native" module folder.

Once installed, you need to start the game using the WSE Launcher application found within the "WSE" folder. If you have anti-virus protection on your computer it may flag this as a threat, but I assure that it is safe to use. This is a standard disclaimer on the main WSE thread because of how it functions.