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The Gathering Storm A Wheel of Time Mod V0.2.7 Beta (Full) - Includes v0.2.7a Hotfix 7-zip download This download contains the full set of files for The Gathering Storm V0.2.7. Many new features have been implemented and the channeling system has been overhauled. Also, the code has been optimized and many bug-fixes

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The Gathering Storm
A Wheel of Time Mod
V0.2.7 Beta (Full) - Includes v0.2.7a Hotfix
7-zip download
Taleworlds Site:,147665.0.html

When all the files got transfered over here from the Taleworlds Repository, it was pretty messy. I've reduced the clutter and now it should be easy to find the latest files.

“The Wheel of Time turns...”

The Gathering Storm is a mod based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. It strives to capture the essence of the epic fantasy tale, while also retaining the open-ended feel of Mount and Blade.

This is a Beta version, meaning there are still hundreds of areas that can be improved upon. Please try it out and share any feedback.

Feature List:
-Wheel of Time Map - Expanded in 0.2.7 to include Seanchan, Sea Folk Isles, Shara, and the Land of Madmen.
-Twenty-eight factions including all nations and city states, plus several other you should recognize.
-An extensive troop tree including all political regions that appear in the series.
-170days of forced diplomacy that follows the general events in the series. After 170 days, diplomacy reverts to generic Mount and Blade.
-Aes Sedai will spawn warders. Sul'dam spawn Damane. Asha'man spawn captured Aes Sedai.
-Several kits from the forum community. (troop ratio bar, Auto-loot, and Recruiter Kit)
-Press 'H' when in the world map view for a help screen.
-Two new custom battle stages based on the Wheel of Time world.
-Integration of Diplomacy 4.2 with PBOD 0.90.1 (for Warband v1.143)
-Naval travel and warfare. (not menu based)
-Channeling System that includes 14 unique weaves.
-Intuitive weave toggling method with configurable keys.
-NPC channelers have AI scripts that help them choose logical weaves based on their disposition and also the current situation on the battlefield.
-The strength of known weaves scales as your character advances in the Five-Power skills. (Air, Water, Spirit, Fire, and Earth)

Channeling System Basics:
All weaves take stamina to channel. A HUD bar will show how much stamina is remaining.Stamina regenerates based on Intelligence and Channeling Proficiency, and has a maximum amount based on the Channeling Affinity skill, Intelligence, and Channeling Proficiency. You can switch between weaves by pressing “Caps-Lock” and using the mouse to choose your weave. To see what playing as a channeler is like, try a Custom/Quick Battle using Rand or Nynaeve as your character. To be a channeler in the Single Player Campaign, be sure to choose the childhood option of 'Novice or Wilder' if you are female, or 'Wilder' if you are male.

A detailed explanation of the 14 weaves:
-Air blast - (Visual - Dust Cloud) does a little damage and pushes enemies (push effect only for single player open field battles)
-Freeze - (Visual - ice trail) slows enemies who are hit and deals minimal damage
-Heal - (Visual - purple mist on the agent you healed) heals nearest allied agent with less that 70% health (can heal your horse)
-Fireball - (Visual - fire trail) does initial damage and them burn over time damage on all agents in target zone
-Unravel - (Visual - yellow mist on effect that was unraveled) Dispels seekers, compulsion, bind, and allies who are burning
-Defensive blast - (Visual - Dust Cloud) does large damage to agents who are near channeler (and pushes them away if you are in single player open field battles)
-Ranged blast - (Visual - cloud of dust on impact) Sort of a ranged version of the previous weave
-Bind - (Visual - white mist on bound agent) bound agent can't move, can be damaged
-Chain Lightening - (Visual - Lightning strike from the skies) Will damage nearby agents and pass charge on to others
-Fire Curtain - (Visual - wall of fire) Will do initial damage and damage over time to all agents near the fire wall, burns for set duration
-Shield - (Visual - purple mist on agent who is shielded) shielded agent can't use
channeling unless they break free. If you are shielded keep channeling and you have a chance of breaking free. Harder to do if a strong enemy shielded you.
-Seeker - (Visual - ball of green energy that tracks and kills target) You get hit, you die, also does AOE damage at higher levels
-Compulsion - (Visual - black mist on compelled agent) This will turn the compelled enemy agent to your team.
-Balefire - (Visual - light trail and purple image if agent is hit) Agents in the path of the balefire stream will be ripped from the Pattern and their past actions erased. (killed instantly and removed from your sight) Also if the killed agent has been killing your teammates, then some of them may come back to life.

Those are the weaves and what you should expect when you use them. If you are using heal, you may hear the sound, but you might have healed someone behind you, therefore you wouldn't see any visual affect. Also if you are shielded, then when you break free, you will hear a whip-crack, but will not see a visual effect. (especially if you are on a horse and therefore not noticing the purple mist trail that is following you around signaling that you are shielded.You should see an obvious effect every time for Air blast, Freeze, Fireball, Defensive Blast, Ranged Earth Blast, Chain Lightning, Fire Curtain, Seeker, and Balefire.If you are not seeing any visual effects, make sure your graphics options are set up to include 'Particle Effects'.

Battles with large number of channelers can cause lagging or even crashing. Also, if you are using AI formation from PBOD, or also special actions such as AI spear bracing, this can cause lagging as well. Take some time to tune your options to fit the capabilities of your computer.

This mod is designed with v1.143 (but still works with v1.153) of Warband.

The Wheel of Time is © Copyright Robert Jordan.
The phrases The Wheel of Time™ and The Dragon Reborn™ are trademarks of Robert Jordan.