Mount & Blade: Warband
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SnD's Polished Native is a small compilation of scripts, small mods and graphical improvements for Warband

I added a poll for suggestion, please leave your comments/suggestions here: [url=http://forums.taleworlds

Permissions and credits
SnD's Polished Native is a small compilation of scripts, small mods and graphical improvements for Warband

I added a poll for suggestion, please leave your comments/suggestions here: SnD's Polished Native

New fix for the freelancer addon so you don't have messy texts and dialogs:


Changelog 0.6:
Changed some textures ( armors, made the night skybox dark instead of blue, etc)
Added Ethik Mantis Better banners V2
Added the Freelancer mod by ithilienranger, Caba'Drin, Sunhawken, Taragoth, RevaShan, Swyter , Duh, Cernunos, monnikle , Idibil, Somebody
Currently this mod allows the player to enlist in a lord's army with the opportunity to gain experience and money. Follow your Lord where ever they go, fighting many enemies and gaining ranks as you continue as a single member of your Lords army. Each time you gain a rank you will be supplied with new equipment and gain a higher pay. Once you get bored with this career you can either desert or mutiny. While in your Lords service you gain the respect of your fellow soldiers and there's always a chance that some of your acquaintances will become followers and join you in your revolution or desertion! As will prisoners, but will they work with you or against you?....


• Opportunity to gain ranks
• New equipment & higher pay for each rank
• Ability to desert the army and take followers with
• Ability to revolt against the lord and release prisoners
• Ability to go on personal leave and remain part of commanders army.
• Interact with commander in a meeting scene
• Ask commander personally to retire from service
• No need to hold space bar while commander travels
• Take prisoners and hold some of them for ransom (Lords)
• Quartermaster hands you food when you are low.


Graphical Improvements:

Mb Movie mod by Chur

Polished Landscapes by Gutekfiutek

World Map HD by Painbringer

Havocs sky textures Version 2 by Havoc

Havocafied Bows by Havoc

Texture Fiddling by Lucky Lancer

Realistic Colors mod by Lucke189

Expanded Horizons by Openshaw

Flying Missile Pack by James

Improved Buildings by SendMeSmile

Improved Male Faces by Iboltax

Yiyang Chen's Faces 1.2 by Yiyang

Flora mod by killkhergit

Quivers whith real Arrows by Spak

Blood tweak by Neil_v

New loading screens by Seek n Destroy (SnD)

Gameplay Changes:

New Scripts like Manage Garrison in villages, a banking sistem, auto-loot and diplomacy.

Custom Player faction troops wich you can change the equipment by talking to them
Native Mod Compilation - Full 0.9 by Bismarck (it combines Custom Commander by rubik, PBOD by Caba`Drin,
Diplomacy by whaiti, Warband Entrenched by Tempered , Battlefield Tactic Kits by motomataru,
Deployable Pavise by Cartread , Garnier's Bank of Calradia by Garnier, Duel Kit v0.5 by MartinF

El Arte de la Guerre Siege Scenes by Leandrojas

Custom banner (still early, needs some changes.)

Arena Overhaul Mod by Adorno

Combat Animation Enhancement 5.0 by Papa Lazarou

new training fields by Lucky Lancer

Arena Revamp Deluxe by lucky lancer

Sound Improvements:

More Metal Sound Mod by Checkmaty

Sounds of suffer by _Khanate_


Thanks Janus for Warband Mod Installer Script v2.3
The taleworlds forum and comunity for the usefull inspiration and tutorials for noobs ;-)
People that plays the mod and helps to improve it.
And of course: The creators of Mount and Blade

Please give your opinion and features that you wish to be implemented

PS: English is not my native Language so i'm sorry if there's some spelling mistakes and errors.

Installing instructions:
The Installer will do the job
Start Mount and Blade: Warband and check the Modules drop-down box for the mod you installed
and select SnD's Polished Native
Enjoy (or not :roll: )