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This is the MP version of WWII China Battlefield.

For the players who have already downloaded this mod(MP version) before, please install this patch first then play the game:
v03.02.11 Patch


Permissions and credits
This is the MP version of WWII China Battlefield.

For the players who have already downloaded this mod(MP version) before, please install this patch first then play the game:
v03.02.11 Patch

I hate to put this kind of warning words in front of other important thing. But since people normally don't check the whole thread, this warning word gets increasingly more important...
Please run this mod with DirectX 9, or there will be some weird grafic bugs like gasmask flowing around player:,157346.msg3785351.html#msg3785351

I suggest you play Last Man Standing mode or Battle mode, I only made new maps for these 2 modes.
Last Man Standing:
Lugou Bridge #where the WWII in China began
Snowy Camp(not village) #play as NEAJA soldiers defend their secret camp
Random Plain #test your surviving skill at random plain
Random Steppe#test your surviving skill at random steppe
mountain camp #by Antifiriz
beach assault#by Swadian Man at Arms
village#defend the native village!
trench v1 #by Comrade Temuzu

Lugou Bridge
Iron Bridge
Random Plains (Medium)
Random Plains (Large)
Random Steppe (Medium)
Random Steppe (Large)
beach_assault #by Swadian Man at Arms
Snowy Camp

8 MP Factions including Empire of Japan.

MGs, mortars, flamethrower, all kinds of WWII infantry weapons.

7 classes troops, including medics and pioneers, who can build all kinds of fortifications anywhere he chose, rises cooperation between players to a new level.

Massive historical uniforms, equipments and structures, including gasmasks and huge bunkers.

There are carefully hand made(not made by some foolish thing like polygon cruncher, but by me myself) LoDs for most of the models, including some buildings.

Particle effects for all kinds of activities, muzzle flash, explosion, water splash and so on.

Last Man Standing mode: build and defend the base with your friends against waves of AI attackers. Be careful, these are not zombies, they can use guns and explosives!

Clan supporting system: as a WWIICBF clan member, you will be able to use your own clan's flag, uniform and items.

New game mode: Last Man Standing. Human players work together to survive.
(These defences were build from nothing by human player pioneers.)

Gameplay Introduction
1, some weapons, MGs, and engineering tools are able to be used in two ways(X key function):

Automatic guns: Default firing position is being held against shooter's shoulder, suit for attacking targets in middle and long range. The 2nd firing position is being held against waist, good for close combat.

Coehorns: You can alter the muzzle velocity of the coehorns by adjust some knob on it, that is in real life. In game, default firing function's muzzle velocity is about 2 times bigger than 2nd firing function's.

Engineering tools: The tools(hammer, pickaxe, and shovels) can be used both for construction and demolition. The weapon sign at the bottom-right corner of screen indicated which function you are using: 2 item cross each other means for construction, only 1 item like normal weapon sign is for demolition.

Engineering items: if it is a multi-function item, the default function always means the shorter one. For example, default ladder for short ladder(5m, longer ladder is 8m), default wire nets for 2m(longer nets is 3m).

2, click C to crouch(dismounted) or hide behind your horse's neck(mounted), you can attack or defend when you are dismounted, but you can't move. You have to click C again to move.

3, click V towards a horse to call it come to you. Your riding skill must be higher than that horse’s difficulty.

4, how to set up ladder: look at the place where you want to put the ladder, hold left alt. If you see green smoke comes out from that place, it means the length of the ladder is perfect for the distance between you and that place; if red smoke comes out, it means the distance is too short, but the ladder can surely reach it, you can still put the ladder. If you see nothing, then the place you are looking is far beyond the ladder’s reach.Once you chose a good place, release left Alt, a message will pop out, press 1 to confirm the ladder position, or press 2 to cancel the ladder.

5, how to build defence: choose an engineer/sapper/pioneer, buy some defence item, equip it, stand at where you want to place that defence, throw the item. Then equip your engineering tool(the mines detector doesn’t count, although it is using a shovel model :P ), make sure your engineering tool is on the construction mode, the hit the construction sign with it! If you want to cancel the construction sign or destroy any defence, simply switch your engineering tool to demolition mode and hit the target!
BTW, hit a defence with engineering tools on its construction mode is repairing it.

6, attention! This is about how to increase your shooting accuracy:

a), the same rifle’s accuracy slightly decreases if it attached a bayonet.

Unlike the bolt action rifles and the shotguns(the Chinese muskets), the automatic weapons fires multiple times every time you trigger them, their accuracy is not only decided by the data you read from the item description, but also by the way you shoot them:

b), fire an automatic weapon when you are crouching will increase your long range accuracy.

c), stand or crouch against a wall will increase the accuracy both in long range and short range. If you are using a MG, an green square indicator will also show up at the bottom-right corner of the screen, beside the native red/gray dot. Cause a MG shooter restores more accuracy than a SMG shooter in that situation.

Original meshes of type 38 rifle, type 14 pistol, type 11 MG, browning pistol, beautiful chinese caps(and their beautiful textures) and mesh of the new uniforms are from Kelavis.
Some of those new sounds are from DOD:Source, some from Insurgency(they are mods of HL2).
1 sound from KON_AIR's old mod.
1 texture(chinese_sabre) from sylxs's 自制武器&天堂2武器.
New music and photos I used, sorry I don't know who played or took those, but I do feel thankful for their great works!

Thank you mtarini for making OpenBRF, it is really a good tool, and I do want to pay for your work, cause it saves lots of my time and allows the modders to do more creative changes.
Thank you Thorgrim for making BRFedit.
Thank you kelavis, oolonglgx, rubik, foxyman, æš—æš—å分, aliang227, vahadar, without your helps and advices of dealing with module system, I would never go this far.
Thank you everyone who's supporting me(Swadian Man at Arms, jr, Interceptor, UnholyNighmare, Antifiriz, shadowarcher, NightHawkreal, uio0000, olliewilliams01, wwlus, reklem, HunterAlpha1, kongxinga, Bolkonsky, mr.master, Dwizzle, airbornenik and many other MnB fans), from both this forum and
At the end, thank you Armagan and the other team members, who have made such a great game and allowed us players to realize our thoughts, thank you!

The others(meshes, textures, codes) are purely me: