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The year is 1500. The war in Calradia has come to a stalemate. The Lion Throne has been unable to capture Vienna, the Swadians have halted this advance, despite their own Emperor\'s ever growing madness. The court physicians have lost all hope of recovery for Sigismund, he claims that he is now following the voice of God. An era draws to its close

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The Story
The year is 1500. The war over Calradia has come to a stalemate. The Lion Throne has been unable to capture Vienna, the Swadians have halted their advanced, despite their Emperor's ever growing madness. The Court physicians have lost all hope of recovery for Sigismund, he claims that he is now following the voice of God. Yet somehow the Empire is able to withstand wave after wave of Brigadiers, thanks to it's heavily fortified cities.

The Haelmar Union have been impossing control over the eastern leftovers of the Dual Monarchy, rebuilding ruined towns and establishing colonies with the hope of increasing commerce in the wasteland, with the hopes of weakening Lauria on this front.

The Grand Duchy have embraced the Nirdamese refugees, only to use them as an excuse to wage war on the Tsardom.

Lauria is still engaged on a seemingly never-ending bloody warfare with the Imperial State, both at land at sea, with the occasional attack of the Union at northern Calradia and eastern Bermia.

The Ormelis are growing in numbers and power and with the recent Khergit setbacks, an invasion from them seems unlikely. Yet the Padisha faces difficult choices if he wishes to expand his power: either west and face the incredible might of the Lion Throne, east and face the rising Duchy, or south and face the Khan in an war that could last decades, for a truce in that front is impossible.

Deep into the south the divine Saldian grows impatient. The situation in the north has grown from a simple small-scale engament to gain access to the Obello sea to a clear total war that shakes the very belief on Filaharn's ultimate victory. He has started to doubt Mondo's capabilities and so he recalls the Third Deva from the now secure eastern front and dispaches her to the north. Mondo's hate for her is well known to the Pope, so he sees this as a clear sign that he must be victorious, or his head will roll. But Saldian doesn't stop there. Captured State and Ormeli engineers have promised the Pope the construction of a formidable weapon, a cannon so big and powerful that it would be capable of bombarding Vienna and Nibelheim from the high hills of Lerna.

In early 1500 the construction of the "Aurora Cannon" begins on the province of Gunther-Piedmont. An era draws to its close.

Warband 1.134 recommended. Port coming eventually.

  • All factions, troops, and features ported from the original we all love, with minor adjustments and inclusion of Warband items in certain cases
  • Formations (with configurable keys: J to follow you, K to follow Standard Bearers, U to cancel)
  • Mounted Standard Bearers and kingdom heroes become part of formation when dismounted

  • Tournament items changed: Crossbow is now Blunderbuss, jousters get maces.
  • Each town gets its faction's armor/helmet in tournaments, mostly color-coordinated (now by Heraldrics)
  • Tournament fighter retinue expanded with regional/town/faction troops and other heroes

  • Faction-specific equipment now only available in its own towns
  • Bandits and deserters now infest villages according to their region
  • Village defenders depend on faction and improvements (and affects rate of raiding) - in addition icons will change properly
  • Losing battles will cause you to lose more items - however you are able to loot freely after winning
  • You can now whack people with your gun by pressing X to switch to melee

  • You can recruit faction town troops as mercenaries if you own the town of a defeated faction
  • You can also recruit faction volunteers in taverns
  • You will now be addressed as a peer of the realm when you pledge allegiance and receive an item in addition to bodyguards
  • Standard Bearers now increase morale and decrease upgrade costs
  • Many patrol command options
  • You can recruit faction town troops as mercenaries if you own the town of a defeated faction
  • New repurposed bandit lairs and corresponding dialogs/scenes
  • Lancer weaponry switch from Hatonastick, CryptoCactus, xenoargh, rubik, Caba`drin et al.
  • Rescued prisoners and routed troops will reinforce friendly centers
  • Custom Battle includes 3 tiers, new and old heroes, 10 factions and MP battle + SP siege maps
  • You can meet startup merchants later in your adventures and buy surplus items
  • Custom troops and other features available from training grounds
  • Duel lords with any type of weapons
  • Item mending and custom troop equipment from merchants
  • Ask for surplus equipment for custom troops from lords
  • New village economic menus and garrison based on existing improvements
  • Lords can upgrade existing equipment modifiers
  • Keep weapons and shields you've picked up after battle
  • Hire bodyguards to follow you everywhere (experimental)
  • Execute enemy troops to increase morale
  • Manage your centers by right clicking on them
  • NPC lords will upgrade equipment and manage their centers
  • Faction-specific map icons for caravans, patrols, and lords

List of multiplayer classes

Holy Swadian Empire
  • Swadian Sharpshooter
  • Swadian Landsknecht
  • Swadian Demilance

Tsardom of Vaegirs
  • Vaegir Strelets
  • Vaegir Guard
  • Vaegir Horseman

Ormeli Empire
  • Ormeli Janissary
  • Ormeli Akinji
  • Ormeli Sipahi
  • Ormeli Voynik (AI)

Kingdom of Lauria
  • Laurian Arquebusier
  • Laurian Footman
  • Laurian Squire
  • Laurian Conquistador (AI)

Lion Throne
  • Ellisian Pedes
  • Lowland Veteran
  • Kara-Khitan Archer
  • Gunther-Piedmont
  • Mylesian Horseman
  • Ptian Cavalry
  • Thureophoros/Brigadier/Crusaders of the Radiant Cross(AI)

Imperial State
  • Kaiserlicher Infantry
  • Kaiserlicher Gunner
  • Kaiserlicher Dragoon

Haelmar Union
  • Nordland Watchman
  • Berthe Jaegar
  • Schwarzen Cuirassier
  • Union Infantry/Musketeer/Hackapell (AI)

Grand Duchy
  • Ducal Scyther
  • Ducal Haiduk
  • Ducal Hussar

Enjoy and visit the forums for more information. Please download the bugfix menus/scripts.txt files before reporting issues.