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AGE OF CHANGE Featuring[/

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115 new troops.
A whole bunch of new units for all factions, all brought into the game for even more diversity and challenge.
New horses.
New horses like Boyar Warhorse, Mailed Warhorse and many other exotic colorful horses and Armored Warhorses.
New weapons.
You'll see a lot of new weapons like throwing axes that are also very effective in melee fighting, flamberges, all kinds of firearms from musket till carbine, katana, wakizashi, no dachi and Naffatun grenades.
New armors.
New colorful armors. There is also many new nice shields.
New banners.
Tons of new fantastic banners.
New music.
Fine music together with tuned up sound effects for even better battle experience.
Arena overhaul – The arena is more fun and challenging than ever before.

Faction units

Khergits now have a whole branch of light but skillfull infantry as dangerous Samurai's and Nafatuns.

Rhodoks now have cavalry and some exotic heavy infantry.

Vaegirs now have ranged cavalry and exotic heavy and light infantry.

Nords have Mounted Huscarls, War Clerics and heavy infantry.

Swadia offer units like Templar Knights at your disposal and heavy shock infantry.

Sarranids have to offer some exotic lightly armored desert troops.

Mercenaries recruiters will see new light cavalry armed with guns or heavy armored Knights and Shoguns.

Try it, you wont be disappointed at all!

Install the mod using the .exe file. This includes new castle scenes together with all the current fixes.


Credits goes to:
Morgh for his tool and help.
Narf, Farradon, Spak, Barf,Adorno, Thick1988, Wei Xiadi,CounterPoint391,Rob_Galanakis,CrazyIvan,Silver Wolf,Sarrie for armors,helmets and weapons.
OSP (Open Source Project) team,great job releasing those open source items.
RusXIII team for music.
1257 AD mod team for their surcoats and horses, great mod by the way.
Checkmaty for more mettal sounds.

And everyone else who provide resources and make mods for this great game.

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