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Custom Commander: Restoration_and_Rebellion v1.396 for Warband 1.165+.
Full source code is included.

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Custom Commander: Restoration_and_Rebellion v1.397 for Warband 1.165+.
Full source code is included.

As the title suggests, this modification will allow you (the player) to pick a hero (this includes your character of course) to control in battle so that they fare better in combat. As a bonus, this means that as long as there is a NPC who is not wounded, you do not have to resort to auto-resolving fights (as anyone who has played M&B knows, auto-resolve is not exactly the best way to finish fights...).

But I digress, for this is but one of the many new features available in this mod that you may uncover (the rest are listed below, don't worry). Right now this is little more than the beginnings of a mod, you can safely expect to see more features added in the future (and they won't all be centered around the title). Currently however, the main objective is to add a few features other mods might not have.

P.S.: Let us get some things straight first, I will not be adding any new weapons or armours into this mod, nor will I spin a bunch of fabricated places, names, items or troop types. If you wish to play what amounts to a reskin of M&B, this mod will hold NOTHING of interest to you. Free to use the source code, just don't forget to give me credit for it.

#. Add a new menu before encounter that can choose NPC(unwounded) to be the leader instead of player .
#. "Auto loot"(thanks to fisheye)
Autoloot improvements by me:
Reorganized how NPCs will choose their loots, they will accord to the performance instead of the price.
Auto-choosing readable books, put the books into the booty and NPCs will choose the books their like.
After auto-loot, NPCs will read the book by themselves, do not need talk and order them to read anymore.
After finishing the book, NPCs will throw it into the booty and let others choose.
Make a new equipment management interface for autoloot.
Every NPC has two sets of weapons and also two sets of weapon upgrading settings. You can easily toggle between the two sets.

# Auto-selling system
Could choose the price limit for the auto-sold items
Could choose which kind of items will be auto-sold in to detail
Foods, trade goods and books could not be auto-sold
Unlock NPCs' inventory, and NPCs will take all the surplus loots by themselves
NPCs will auto-sell their loots and there is no need to translate the loots to players from NPCs any more. NPCs will revceive the money and show the associated information.
The total weight of items in NPCs' inventory will affect the party's moving speed.
Auto-selling options shows up on the town and village's menu that let NPCs to trade with all merchants in the town (or with the village older) automatically. Auto-selling stops when all merchants run out of money or space.
The order of auto-selling is form the bottom of the party list to the player, and they will sell cheap itms first.
NPCs' auto-choosing equitpemts does not affect their auto-looting, they will put the remainder into the loot pool and let others choose. and throw from the most expensive item until the loot pool is full. After autoloot, the remainder will auto-talken by NPCs.

#. The skill 'Path-finding' increases Party map speed by 6% per skill level.
#. If you enounter stronger enemies and leaving some soldiers behind to cover your retreat or after escaping, the movement speed will be twice the normal speed for half an hour (game time), then it will return to normal .
#. A few changes to Native models, made a flying arrow model of my own, now flying arrows are more... immersive.
#. Heroes(player, 16NPCs, lords and kings) will get extra weapon points when he kill/stun a enemy troop. The amount of points depends on the xp gaind and the hero's skill level of Weapon master.
#. Add a mystic merchant to the taverns of towns. You can gamble with him like the Diablo II. You will see many items, but you can't see the prefix and the true price of the items. You will cost the money of the same item without a prefix, then you may get an item with a good prefix or maybe an item with a bad prefix.
#. Troops in lords' parties or their towns or castles and also kingdom caravans will be sorted by the level of troops every 24 hours.
#. The horse' HP will influence its speed, if the horse' HP is lower, its speed will be lower
#. Custom camera for battles:
Key up: raise the camera
Key down: lower the camera
Key left: zoom out
Key right: zoom in

When any arrow key is clicked, the manual mode will be enbled, no need to press any keys to toggle the mode. If the left Ctrl key is pressed, the movement of the camera will be five times more. Press R or `or left Shift to end the manual mode.

#. You can view the upgrade trees of troops and all items in game.
#. You can check out the effects of the prefix of an item with the prefix.
#. Many mod options in camp menu.
# You can recruit troops for your own towns or castles.
# New quests about solving bandit heroes, you can take these quests from mayors in towns.
# Show shot distance on sceen when you hit anything with ranged weapons.
# Show next pay day (accurate to to an hour) in the reports menu, only take effect after you had payed once
# New skill: Comprehension. It's base on intelligence. This skill increases the amount of experience obtained in battles by 8%% per skill level. (Personal skill) Max level: 15
# New character creation system, all questions and answers about your background are in one interface. You can create a new character easily.
# Cavalry will choose the right weapons from weapons which they equipped(not from their hole inventory).When they are on horses, they will prefer to use lances and switch to other weapons when they are on foot.
# Horse archers won't switch weapons to melee weapons before they run out of their ammo.
# Rhodok sergeants will switch weapons to the glaive when they are close to the enemies if they had equipped it on back, and switch to a shield with an one-handed weapon when the enemies are far away to defense the enemies' arrows or bolts.
# Customizable troops can be renamed in the upgrade tree of them in reports menu.