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  • Champions


    Last Update: 14 Jun 2019
    Author: sabo0o
    Uploader: iAmSaBo

    Champions is a multiplayer modification for the game Mount & Blade: Warband which allows you to create unique characters with the use of the 3 loadouts in these loadouts you can determine characteristics and equipment.

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    Last Update: 14 Jun 2019
    Author: iAmSaBo

    Champions is a multiplayer modification for the game Mount & Blade: Warband which allows you to create unique characters with the use of the 3 loadouts in these loadouts you can determine characteristics and equipment.

News & Updates

  • Will be released soon

    Will be released soon...

  • New Features Of 108 Heroes v0.951

    1, you can set military appointment of your party:
    - Commander: change player control troop in the battle; buff all of your team;
    - Advisor: use some tactics in the beginning of battle;
    - Team Leader/Attacker/Defender: buff the team they leaded;
    - Leadership: Increase att/def of the soldiers, from D- to S+

    2, battle Settings:
    -You can set the form and orders in the battle

    3,New 5v5 tournament:

    4, duel camera control/death camera/ cast mind reading to control your heroes


    6, power up stone/reroll stone/owner stone

    - 10 new special unit troop;
    - more than 100 new items;

  • Preview


    This mod was originally made in 2011 inspired by the film Kingdom of Heaven. But until 2019, this mod has relaunched and remastered. Well, much older than Mount&Blade 2: Bannerlord, isn’t it? Fortunately, it will be releasing much earlier than Bannerlord though :P


    Mod background:In 1187 A.D, two major religion has clashed in the Holy Land once again. Baldwin IV of Jerusalem was pass in young age, and Guy de Lusignan become a new king of Jerusalem. While Saladin, founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, start to launch his Muslim brother, aims to reconquer the Holy Land and push the crusade out once for all. Will you fight for salvation or Allah? Or, would you like to end the misery of the Holy Land by your own way?


  • Installtion.

    Download file and unzip.
    Rightclick the game in Steam.. Select properties. Select Local Files. Select Browse local files.
    Back-up(if you want) the folder labeled "Textures"(Not TexturesHD).
    Delete the file labeled "Textures"(not Textures HD) and replace it with one of my files.
    After replacing with one of my files, rename it(my file) "Textures" without the quotes.
    Close the file and launch the game in Steam.
    The game startup menu will open and select the module "Native".
    NOTE: The File labeled "Textures x2" contains only 2x resolution textures.
          The File labeled "Textures x2.5" has some addition textures in 4x resolution.
    This mod doesn't need a mod manager.. I have not tested any. Its just an easy manual install...

  • Features

    -New seljuk lord hall scenes.
    -Kipchak sieges scenes fixed.
    -Batumi and other georgian castle siege scenes fixed.
    -seljuk town siege scenes fixed.
    -Kipchak guard added.
    -Zerina, Kradus, Dranton attiributes decreased.
    -Kipchak women guard added.
    -New bandits troop tree added.
    General Changes
    -Seljuk main quest added(just part 1)
    -Fort and random villages more stabilite and balance.
    -In tavern tip about mod.
    -New musics for tavern.-
    New desert battle scenes.
    -Per 70 kill +1 str and +10 renown gain

    For v2.0
    General Changes.
    -5 new faction(Papal states, second bulgarian empire, cyprus kingdom, georgia kingdom, trebizond kingdom)
    -New town,castle and villa...

  • 108 Heroes V0.930

    Hello Everyone! I'm aliang227 from China. This mod is based on “Water Margin”, one of the Four Great Classical Novels in Chinese literature. The mod was born in 2008, and I released it on Warband in 2018. My friends help me to translate 80% of them into English. I will try my best to make the translation perfect in the next day. Hope you enjoy it!

    - Thousands of Chinese style weapons/armors/flags/skins etc.
    - 10 kingdoms, hundreds of new troops.
    - 1 on 1 duel in the battle.
    - Career system.
    - Official system.
    - 108 heroes have there own special skill.
    - 200+ unique items.
    - Special weapon can upgrade by killing and unlock random features (like Diablo)
    - Morale system.
    - Heroes will on fire in the battle a...

  • The wait is over. It's time to play the Global Campaign mod

    Once downloaded it is unzipped and the "Global_Campaign" folder must move inside the "Modules" folder of the Mount & Blade Warband, for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\Global_Campaign

    After so much waiting I managed to finish the mod. To understand what it is, I recommend that you read the articles that I have uploaded.



    In this bonus you will find a map of Calradia and some files that will help you upload a dedicated server of the Global Campaign mod so you can enjoy wit...

  • Developer Blog: The Road to 1.20

    Hello everyone!

    I wanted to make a few announcements regarding 1.20. The first one, is that I am changing how nightly builds work slightly. No texture mod will be added until the end of the development cycle. This is so as to support people running the public version of 1.10 throughout development, until the end of development. This means you can install Python 2.7. Drag and drop the source code from Github to your 1.10 module folder,  and press "compile", and have the latest development features, and I will publish on Github when the end of the development cycle is nearing, and when textures mods, and other mods relating to assets will start being added. (Meaning that you will no longer be able to just compile the latest development version without the developer betas.)

  • Sevenheart Devblog 1 - Events system

    Posted by EfeKaracar on May 12th, 2018

    Welcome to the first of our dev-blogs we will be sharing on a regular basis. Well, there is so much to talk about and it is our only first blog. We want to showcase lots of features and ideas that sit on our brainstorming list waiting their "turn" to be implemented. We are really excited to take new next steps to bring you a truly unique RPG of its own mood and design.

    Thank you!
    So - let's talk about a couple of important things. We do really appreciate the community over all around in our media appearences, we could get a few exposures already in a matter of weeks. We are specially delighted to see our discord community growing with more people, activity and eager to play the next versio...

  • Here is the first of the video blog series we will be releasing. First video is about the new fighting AI we created.

    Hey everyone,

    Hope you enjoy the first release. We are working towards fixing bugs, finishing the completed features in detail (ones that are listed in public only!) and trying to keep you updated as often as possible.

    So, this is the first of videos that will come. Those who were following Vyrn in the past may find this video familiar, as we are using the code from that project to bring a truly devastating enemy to fight. You will encounter many different foes as you progress throughout the game, some new some native.

    So - about AI. There are two types of AI in project at the moment, one we coded back in Vyrn and one is Oliveran's AI. We used VyrnAI for mostly in 1v1 situations as that AI was coded with that in mind - make your duels an experience to re...

  • No more world map delays


    So - It has been a few days of constant bug-hunting, feature improvement and community management. We actually have a sweet community already in discord channel if you want to stop by, where we are in constant chit-chat.

    So ahm, I know there was many frustration for the HUGE delay issue upon switching back to world map from party menus. So solution is to play the game without "realistic saving". Saving the game at the moment takes times, so that is why we integrated an autosaving feature by pressing "ENTER" on world map.

    Choose the "Allow me to quit without saving" to remove the world map lag then use autosaving we implemented. (Key "ENTER)

    So - ahm, that is about it. Thanks a lot for the support, feed...

  • NordInvasion 1.8.3

    In this update we are taking massive steps to improve the NI economy and trading experience, adding many quality of life features, and preparing for future updates.

    First off, the loot system has been completely remade.  The new system has a significantly more even distribution and does not nerf the experience or loot chance of smaller teams; having fewer bots already does this sufficiently.  In the new system, your individual loot rate will be the same for every bot of each type you kill: the size of your team, number of people alive, and other factors will not change the chance of you looting.  Having more people on your team will only increase your chance of getting loot by increasing the number of bots per wave.  This new system will also give you far more loot per run,...


    We need help. we will have so many new things, including Changed TLD factions (with new Armour and weapons) and we plan to add the west of Middle Earth including Shire, Lindon Elves, Rivendell and also many others. 
    We need 2d artist, 3d artist, coders (or someone who can work with Module System) and scene creators. If anyone can help , please PM me  ...

  • cRPG -Discord

    A cRPG Discord has been set up for all things cRPG. Specific to this recent patch join the cRPG Discord to reach Uther the head EU admin to apply for Free Respecs and Heirloom Exchanges! The discord also has a variety of other uses, among them:

    Announcements Channel - Receive announcements about the mod directly from the Dev Team.
    General Chat - Discuss all things cRPG with the community.
    Bug Report Channel - Aid in the production of cRPG by reporting bugs to the Dev Team.
    cRPG Bot Channel - Get updates on server population directly from the cRPG Bot.
    Balance Channel - Discuss possible balance changes in coming patches to the game.
    cRPG Revival Channel - Discuss the current ongoing revival of cRPG - Interested in contributing join the...

  • Mod Credits

    Here I'll credit all the lovely creative minds that allowed me to use their resources during the production of Conquerors of Coultchorn. Without them, this mod wouldn't have gotten far in development at all.


    Tocan's Calradia
    -malik faris
    -lord samuel
    -sir kornin
    -diplomacy, freelancer, floris + native expansion mod team
    Crusader's Way to Expiation OSP - Crusaders Way to Expiation Team

  • The mod

    The main mod, check it here 

    The Red Wars, Calradia 1923...

  • War of 1812 Mod is Now on the Nexus

    That's right after a long while to upload the War of 1812 mod for Napoleonic Wars is now on the Nexus! Page is heavily work in progress. No, this is not a April Fools Day joke....

  • Traditional Horses for Mount & Blade Warband.... Part 1

    Part 1

    There are 6 unique kindoms in Calradia, that should have their own culture, weapons, clothing and... horses.

    When you go to the stables in a town to buy a new horse you sure don´t want to see the same type of horse in the steppe of Khagan Khergit than you see in the viking like kingdom of Nords.

    This mod project aims for a more immersive feeling when it comes to the horses.
    It will add unique, "traditional" type of horses that only belong to one of the kindoms and fit into the respective cultures.

    The mod will come in 4 parts:
    - Charger
    - Warhorses
    - Hunting horses
    - Normal horses