5X - The Ultimate Balance Mod by Spud Dastardly
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Added: 12/11/2016 - 08:02AM
Updated: 27/09/2017 - 01:19PM

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Last updated at 13:19, 27 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 8:02, 12 Nov 2016

here's a lot more changes to be found in this mod beyond those I listed above! Typing it all out would definitely exceed whatever character limit I have here. I'll highlight a few specific features at least. 
  • All races now cost 10 points and can be remade in the custom race screen. The Mrrshan are now a beam attack based race as originally designed. 
  • You have two new starting ages to choose from: Hyper Advanced where you start with all techs up to planar transcendence researched and Rush where you start with 9 colony ships. 
  • Added a new difficulty level: Impossible, for the really hardcore players out there. 
  • You start with civil and troop transports, and colony bases are buildable/scrappable with 0 maintenance. 
  • Rebalanced the pollution system. Toxic processor gives 10 cleanup now, population no longer generates pollution, radiation shield, flux shield, and barrier shield now give extra pollution clean up. You always get core waste dump, and deep core mine has been moved further up the tree. 
  • Space port gives +1 BC per population now to end the mid game money drought. 
  • All empire defenses have more HP and space and use a smarter choice of special modules on them. Advanced missile bases and Advanced orbital batteries are now available as mid-late game techs. 
  • Spying missions are shorter and easier for your spies to complete. Your spies travel faster. 
  • The AI doesn't get so mad when you reject a trade or an offer for an alliance. They're not so thin skinned now. 
  • Added new and more interesting anomalies. You might just find a colony ship at one if you're lucky! 
  • You always get battle pods now, and they don't take up extra space. The AI always puts them on their ships now. 
  • Fighter bays carry twice as many fighters and have twice the range. Now making a fighter based ship might just be worth it! 
  • Research treaties are cheaper but give a bit less benefit. Trade treaties now last 30 turns. 
  • Trade goods produces 1 BC for every 1 industry now. You can build stacks of ships up to 100 at a time. 
  • The tactical battlefield is twice as large now. 
  • New end game tech tree for you to discover. Hyper advanced miniaturizations added. 
  • You can now research a tech that lets you terraform volcanic planets. You can transform terrans into uber planets directly now. 
  • You can choose terraforming or jump gates as a starting tech on the custom race screen. Also enabled the omniscient trait and a true repulsive trait that doesn't let you make treaties (both are a little bugged). 
  • You can play with up to 8 players on a small galaxy. 9 on all other galaxy types. Very slow and slow research speeds are now twice as slow. 
  • All ship hull types now get an extra weapon and special slot.

There are still many more changes to discover! Have fun.