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Fix bug and enhance features of the final game version.

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To see full patch notes, disclaimers, and installation instructions please see the README.

:::: Fixes Included in this patch
Bug. Timeline manager attempts to write to the turn file once, if it fails the application aborts with an error message "Failed to create a new game in the save-games folder. Please check your user writing permissions in Windows"
Fix. Just added logic so it attempts to open the file multiple times before finally given up after five seconds.  Hoping this gives the OS time to get over the sharing issue.

Bug. Ship Blueprint screen Weapon Selection popup allows the quantity of weapons to equal zero, which causes a few issues
Fix. Just corrected this operation so it correctly stops at 1.

Bug. If a planet degrades due to pollution it is possible for citizens on the planet to remain on cells that are no longer valid
Fix. Added logic to set a colony's focus to balanced upon it degrading

Bug. Planet degradation notification message uses incorrect logic to determine the number of population units that are lost, this is a display issue only
Fix. Corrected calculation to just display the actual population loss instead of using an estimate

Bug. AI logic ShouldBombard is missing check for biological bombs
Fix. Just added missing logic, also adjusted the check for allowed turns to destroy planet

Bug. MOD BUG - No safety check on Anomalies that can give ships, so ship list can be null resulting in exception being thrown and anomaly acting odd
Fix. Added logic to detect a null ship list and instead reward the explorer with a credit bonus

Bug. Civil Transports do not get the reduction in production cost from colony structures unless they are bulk built.
Fix. Just added missing logic for checking for the specific "civil transport" class

Bug. Number of strikers on a colony does not follow proper math.  For example five population planet with 60% morale should generate two strikers but the game is calculating it as one striker
Fix. This is a precision error resulting from the code moving to different data types with different significant digits during its calculations.  Corrected by adding 0.000001 before final truncation into integer.

Bug. Energy Absorber is setting damage to zero from cannons and beams, instead of the remainder of the damage that is not absorbed
Fix. Corrected logic

Bug. Enveloping Weapons are not doing extra damage to Shield Capacitor's Matrix Shield
Fix. Added in missing logic

Bug. Shield Capacitor Matrix Shield is stopping shield piercing weapons without the need for hard shields
Fix. Corrected this mistake

Bug. Enveloping Weapons are doing excessive damage to hull if the ship's shields are exceeded on that weapon hit
Fix. The logic is attempting to remove the Enveloping bonus but using the wrong value, just corrected logic

Bug. Hard Shield's increased Shield Damage Reduction not always working due to multiple in game implementations
Fix. Unified the code and made it a calculated cache value for speed purposes

Bug. <UCP-5.8 fix> Custom Build Queues and AutoFilter is building unneeded pollution reduction buildings
Fix. <UCP-5.8 fix> Corrected logic to add in the planets absorption for determination of whether the structure should be built

Bug. If an independent civilization you have not meet is destroyed by a supernova or other non-civilization event a really odd notification is generated saying the independent was destroyed by "cheat"
Fix. This is just a hard-coded value they left in the game, it is not even language adjusted - switched to say unknown.

Bug. If a blueprint is upgraded for a ship that the player is currently building in bulk or that they have in their workInProgress queue waiting for completion in bulk, the bulk item will get permanently stuck in the colony's build popup list.  This item will not be able to actually be built as it will be auto-removed every turn from the production queue.
Fix. Stopped this insanity, this fix will not repair games that have already encountered this issue, but will prevent recurrence.

Bug. A fleet that encounters an unknown race's military outpost can be blocked from continuing.  First contact does not happen and the fleet is unable to attack the military outpost.
Fix. Triggered first contact logic for this occurrence. Allowing communication and combat.

Bug. Dauntless target re-selection is using an incorrect fixed radar range, resulting in missiles not re-targeting when they should
Fix. Radar range is now using an estimated travel distance of the missile versus it’s max range

Bug. If using automated target selection observed the AI firing all weapon slots on a single ship, resulting in absolute overkill.  Most easily observed by watching the Orion Guardian fire off all its death rays against a single frigate that has no shields.
Fix.  Adjusted logic such that if a target already has enough incoming potential damage to be destroyed the next weapon slot that is ready to fire will target a different ship.

Bug. Leader Bonus "Beam Attack" is only applying damage bonus to "shipmodulesubtype_beam" weapons.  Given that the game treats "shipmodulesubtype_beam" and "shipmodulesubtype_cannon" weapons exactly the same in all other regards this seems to be a bug to me.
Fix. Just added in that weapon subtype category into the valid types to receive this damage increase.

Bug. Crash bugs found during real time tactical combat - one reported and one encountered during testing, both appear to be race conditions or out of order processing problems
Fix. Just another set of defensive fixes for this to handle the error better than crashing the game

Bug. Lucky racial trait is supposed to make you less likely to be attacked by the Antaran's during their raids but this logic was never implemented
Fix. During Antaran's civilization target selection a "lucky" race will have a 50% chance of being skipped for target calculation purposes assuming "Allow Racial Traits" is turned on.

Bug. Calculation for Armor Combat Rating does not include the race's trait "perk_ground_combat_rating adjustments"
Fix. Added this missing calculation

Bug. During galaxy generation when completing the fill for star types the game is using the wrong operation Max vs Min resulting it in filling with the least wanted stars.  This causes a distribution error.
Fix. Just switched from Max to Min. This does not make it a perfect distribution but is an improvement.

Bug. During multiplayer games while typing in Chat, pressing Enter (default key for next turn), will cause your fleets to move if they have pending actions
Fix. Added the proper check to ignore this key if you are actively typing in chat

Bug. Out of order processing for end turn civilization and diplomatic deals can result in the game incorrectly scrapping structures and/or fleets.  This only occurs if your total balance is less than or equal to your diplomatic deals.
Fix. Changed logic, so instead of scrapping structures on a race's turn, moved that logic to a postTurn processing event that occurs after all diplomatic deals have been settled

Bug. Out of order cleanup on StageDisplomacyView Object, object is destroyed before releasing message sinks
Fix. Just corrected the ordering of this object's cleanup

Bug. Buyout cost does not take into account any accumulated production points a colony has from a previous construction effort
Fix. Just corrected this mistake

Bug. Random event Supernova does not have any lasting indicators unlike all other random events.  Personally, I always forget which planet has this, especially if I come back to game at a later date
Fix. Added event icons for Supernova to both the colony planet's screen and the empire management screen

Bug. Choose Research and Research Completed Screen, some of the fields can be truncated.  Mainly noticeable on Space Academy and in mods such as 5X
Fix. Corrected truncation on those fields.

Bug. Empire Economic Tooltip is missing the breakdown for independent allies that provide credit bonuses to a civilization
Fix. Just added the missing breakdown item.  Performed some other minor cleanup on this tooltip.

Bug. Empire Research Tooltip is missing the breakdown for independent allies that provide research bonuses to a civilization
Fix. Just added the missing breakdown item.

Bug. Addeed some missing sound effects to the link table
Fix. Just linked the sounds to existing game content

Bug. Lithovore growth rate is not being affected by difficulty level or gravity.  This seems an over-site and is leading to apparent balance issues in multiplayer games.
Fix. Modified code to make it take in effect difficultly level and gravity.

Bug. Tactical combat the specials Displacement Device and Subspace Teleportater are not working correctly.  Errors include wrong range indicator being displayed and randomly working and not working
Fix. Removed range indicator since that should not have been displayed, correctly set targeting selection to make the special work as intended and not seemly at random

Bug. Ship Blueprint value "PD Effectiveness" can have a calculated value over the number of PD weapons a ship has which is not possible, since a single PD weapon can only destroy a single missile.
Fix. Just capped this value to the number of PD Weapons a ship has.  This value is used in the Ship Defense Calculation so that was affected by this change as well.

Bug. <UCP-5.7b fix> Colony focus type "Clean" does not take into account leader bonus that reduces pollution.
Fix. Just corrected this - should be more optimal

:::: Enhancements
Add. Added a new notification for when a colony is starving and will loss a population unit within 5 (default) turns.  This setting is controlled in globals.yaml in section NotificationReduction under FOOD_WARNING_ON_TURN. Clicking on the notification will take you to the planet.

Add. Made pollution warning configurable, defaults to 5 (standard).  This setting is controlled in globals.yaml in section NotificationReduction under POLLUTION_WARNING_ON_TURN.

Chg. Ship Blueprint screen Ship Module Popup adjusted to make more space for the scroll window showing the module's properties. Adjusted some properties that show up on the list as well

Add. Added a new global variable MAX_SPY_SECURITY defaults to 0.50.  This puts a hard cap on how high your defensive security bonus can get from having spies on counter espionage.  Since offensive spy ability has a hard cap having a hard cap on defensive spy allows the calculation to be balanced and prevents an empire from basically becoming espionage immune.

Add. Added different biomes for Satellite, this is a graphic change only it has no game effects.  Also added chance that Gas Giants have moons as well.

Add. Added new game options menu -> Content -> "Show Colony Cutscene".  Turning this off will skip the colony cutscene.

Add. Added new game options menu -> Content -> "Show Tactical Battle Cutscene".  Turning this off will skip the tactical battle start cutscene.

Add. Trade/Research Treaty - Added end turn information to the tooltips.

Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added information on the yaml parsing exceptions to show the key the variable is attached to, should make it easier to find the location of the error

Add. Modified Missile Defense tooltip on the blueprint screen to use the SHIP_DUMMY_MISSILE_ATTACK instead of the current ship's missile loadout

Chg. Adjusted the Invade colony functions attacker versus defender numbers used in the battle wave calculations.  This makes the attackers potentially greater number more prevalent.

Chg. Production/Research Focus - Added a control variable "FOOD_SURPLUS" to the Globals.yaml section "Backend.Settlements.Colony" to control how large of a surplus is desired.  This defaults to 0

Chg. Adjusted some defaults UCP settings: Backend.Settlements.NotificationReduction is now set to disabled and Backend.Civilizations.GalacticCouncil now defaults to turn 400

Chg. Adjusted Spy Sorting - dropped name from the primary sort

Add. MOD SUPPORT: Increased number of planet orbits from 6 to 12 max to allow for larger solar systems.

Add. Added Rally Point Support - Two defined Rally Points (RP1 and RP2). (RP1): Game will now automatically remember your last manually selected fleet destination. This one has no visible marking. (RP2): You can also select a colony you own on the galaxy map and mark it using CTRL + Click, this will put a blue pin on the colony top bar; Pressing the Rally Button will send a fleet to Rally Point (RP1); Pressing the Rally Button + CTRL will send the fleet to Rally Point (RP2); Rally Point has a keyboard shortcut that is editable from the normal option menu.  The keyboard shortcut operates the same with respect to the CTRL key and which Rally Point a fleet will be sent to.

Add. Added custom user defined build lists for colonies.  This features allows the player to setup a predefined list of structures and projects for construction.  You can then assign this list to a colony and it will automatically build in that order.  It will skip structures and projects:  that you do not possess the tech for, the planet does not support due to environment, the planet has the wrong mineral levels, or the planet is missing a needed resource such as a moon or gems.  It will also skip over the gravity generator if that inhabited planet’s race does not suffer a gravity penalty.  If nothing is found that matches from the list, you will be prompted to select a build order as normal for that colony.

Add. Added Right Mouse Button support to most screens.  This will now close most UI screens, some screens are excluded due to issues caused by this functionality.

Add. Added Middle Mouse Button support to the Planet Screen that will open the Colony's Build Popup Screen

Add. Added Middle Mouse Button support to the Galaxy Map.  This will active the current bottom right button action.  This allows you to quickly jump to colonies or fleets that need orders for instance.

Add. Added CTRL key support to the Planet Screen.  Holding down the CTRL key while clicking the "Done" button or using new Right-Click Exit feature will exit the screen as normal and move the galaxy map to this planet

Add. Added CTRL key support to the Empire Management Screen, clicking on a planet's image with the CTRL key held down will exit the Empire Management Screen and take you to the planet on the galaxy map

Add. Added Notification Reduction for colony production output.  This will stop some of those unneeded end of turn notification.  It is highly configurable,  You can have all notifications on for a certain number of turns, any Colony Flagged will always output all notification, or you can configure a list of structures and projects to be notified upon completion

Add. Added support for some new hotkeys on the galaxy map, Espionage Screen = F4, Leader Screen = F5, and Ship Design Screen = F6.  There is no UI to changes these values. These are default mapped to different actions, to get them to work you need to go into the interface screen under options and make a few adjustments.  Setting Empire Screen = F1, Research Screen = F2, Diplomacy Screen = F3, Planet Screen = F7, Fleet Screen = F8, Path to Victory Screen = F9, and Options Screen = F10 will give the logical screen progression layout.

Add. Added support for tooltips to dropdown combo box rows.  Right now this is only supported on the Planet Screen for the Colony and AutoBuild Focus dropdowns

Add. Planet Structure List is now sorted by name instead of the internal hash map - this one has bugged me forever.

Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added support for armorCombatRatingBonus in the PlanetDefenses.yaml table.  This works the same as the current infantryCombatRatingBonus but for armor.  

Add. Added Marine and Armor Combat Rating and Hits to the colony Defender tool-tip, same data that is currently displayed for the combat colony screen.

Add. On game creation, your home star system will be fully explored.  This can be turned off in the globals.yaml under setting AUTO_EXPLORE_HOMESTAR.  Defaults to 1 which is on, set to 0 to disable

Add. Modified logic for pirate spawning so instead of counting from start of the game, it counts from first pirate spawn to determine what blueprint to use.  This should help a bit in pre-warp startups.

Add. Added count down for next Galactic Council Vote on the Path to Victory Screen.

Add. Added new colony focus "Growth".  This focus will try and split the population between food and production output.  It will not put any workers on research unless they are on strike or the planet is full.

Add. Modification to the Espionage Screen so it now includes Spy Level in its sorting by Spy logic.  Also modified it so it would properly recall your last sorting index and direction instead of resetting all the time

Chg. Discarding the "threatening fleet detected" notification if the fleet owner is a Monster or Orion civilization

Add. Orion homeworld will now have the artifact resource

Add. Added support for loading and clearing racial traits on the custom race screen.  When you confirm your options by hitting "Next" they will be auto-saved.

Add. By default I'm setting the AI's heavy army value to the max.  This change is to make them build stronger fleets.  You can turn it off by setting the value AI.SP_GeneralStrategy::HEAVY_ARMY to 0 if desired in Globals.yaml

Add. Removed the distraction of the underlying galaxy map popups when you are viewing the Fleet Management Screen or Known Planets screen.

Chg. Refreshed/Added some CSV settings that control tool tips displays (the ones that are relative to base game) from Spud Dastardly's "5X - The Ultimate Balance Mod v4.2.1" with permission of course

Chg. Improved startup time by reducing loading of assets and skipping fade ins/fade outs. Also tied all the intro videos to the "ShowIntroCinematic" configuration setting.  So if for some reason you want to see all the intro videos you can now.

Chg. Made another adjustment to the Ship Blueprint Defense Rating Calculations.  I'm hoping this corrects issues with that value going extremely large when certain specials are equipped.