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Last updated at 18:18, 4 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 17:11, 25 Feb 2017

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Release-A: Corrects issue with stellar converter auto-firing if the player attacks a planet with a ship that has this special

***** New Fixes Included in this patch *****
Bug. Tactical Combat Lockups/Crash - Found another source of common lockups during tactical battles, in certain situations I could force a lockup/application crash about 70-80% of the time.  It is a timing issue, and related to some of my previous comments about race conditions in the code
Fix. Removed redundant and frequent UI refresh logic (which also has a minor speed boost) and put additional safe guards around some tactical objects - this is not perfect and would not consider done, but is much more stable than before, IMO

Bug. Tactical Combat sometimes show inaccurate weapon modifiers on button tool-tip (especially noticable on first ship selected at start of combat)
Fix. Corrected setting so the proper mods are show

Bug. Combat Colony visible but non-functional buttons for "MindControl" and "Destroy Planet" when you are the defender
Fix. If you are not the attacker those buttons will be hidden

Bug. FE_SKIPPED is missing, seen when tell a fleet to skip its turn on the fleet control panel
Fix. Added missed localization text for this tag.

Bug. Notifications can significantly add to start of turn lag (recorded over 67 seconds for displaying them)
Fix. Removed redundant notification refreshes going on, reduced the time from 67 seconds to 20 ms in the test save I was using.

Bug. Stellar Converter in tactical battles requires manual activation - so the AI never uses it.
Fix. Added game logic to allow for the auto usage of the Stellar Converter

Bug. Energy Absorber requires manual activation - so the AI never uses it.
Fix. Added game logic to allow for the auto usage of the energy absorber

Bug. Ship Blueprint Manager Fighters/Bombers/Heavy Bombers - DPS are the bottom of the edit screen always displays zero
Fix. Corrected this display issue

Bug. Ship Blueprint Manager Weapons - Production Cost increase not showing up for MIRV, Heavy Mount, or Semi-Guided modifier tool-tips
Fix. Corrected this tool-tip miss

Bug. Found tactical/auto-resolve a condition that could stop a ship from moving, but be out of range/arc for all weapons.  The ship would just sit there until destroyed.
Fix. Game is zeroing out the linear velocity of the ship under certain condition but at the same time also zeroing out its angular velocity incorrectly.  Thus removing the ship's ability to rotate.  Corrected this so the ship will rotate correctly to bring it weapons to bear.

Bug. Ship Blueprint Management Screen allows for redundant (ignored) modules to be installed for example: ECM Jammer and Wide-Area ECM Jammer on the same ship (only one will be used in combat)
Fix. Changed screen so redundant modules like this are not show - current categories are: jammer, inertial, cloaking, and displacement.  Full mod support to add others categories.

***** Enhancements *****
Chg. Combat Colony - Completely redid the logic for calculating leader bonuses and the enhanced combat colony labels

Chg. Disabled Tobii EyeTracking (Windows) at least on my sytsem that is causing a good deal of general UI lag

Chg. Tactical Battles - Added back mass hold button functionality

Add. AI will now use a Stellar Converter to destroy a planet.  Currently the Antaran's will always do this and the other races will do it based off their unused racial setting of stellarConverterInclination (0-10) where
10 = 100% chance.

Chg. Modified overkill value from 2.5 to 1.65; just seeing if this reduces the targetting overkill

Add. Updated ship blueprint editing and weapon tool-tips to show adjusted numbers for weapons for installed weapon modifications

Add. Added notification popup for Science Victory, indicating Who, What, and Where very similar to the Economic Victory notifications.  I got tired of being blind-sighted about this victory condition by the AI.

Add. Added logic to allow modders to let the AI upgrade special modules on a ship template, but only allow one of them.   So they can add Mult-wave ECM Jammer and ECM Jammer and the game will use the first one of the list that it knows