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This mod backports Jack's Mass Effect 3 outfit into LE2.

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This mod backports Jack's Mass Effect 3 outfit into LE2.

No compatibility issues at this time.

This mod is fully compatible with existing Jack texture mods. However, there is one small caveat - An edited head mesh needed to be made for this mod, as Jack's LE2 neck is shorter and shaped around the collar of her vanilla outfits. For this reason, the mod includes new scalp textures. The mod is fully compatible with any mods that change Jack's face texture, but mods that change her scalp texture will not apply to this outfit.


I won't be backporting Jack's ME3 hair for this mod, as I like the way her ME3 look shows character development. Her ME3 outfit was designed for an earlier version where you'd meet her on Omega and it was never redesigned when BioWare moved her to Grissom Academy. For this reason, I think this outfit suits her better in ME2.

For the main file: Use the Mod Manager Download button, or drag the .7z into the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and install.

For the squad selection textures:
  • Open MassEffectModder
  • Go to Mods Manager (Under Mass Effect 2) and click on Mods Installer
  • Click on "Add to List" and import the MEM file
  • Click Install All.

Technical Info for Modders
Mount: 4540

TLK Range: 45404540 - 45404543

'Main' Developer - Audemus
Edited Meshes/UVs & Squad Selection Template - Mellin

Special thanks to rondeeno for permission for a Casual Hubs patch.
Special thanks to Padme4000 for pointing out how to fix the face-melting bug. Here's what it looked like (warning, not for the faint of heart)

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