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A simple and persistent solution for enabling in-game console across all the three games of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

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(aka LEBinkProxy)

This is a small proxy DLL which enables in-game console in Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 (Legendary Edition), designed to be as simple to use as possible.


The instructions below are applicable to all of the three games in the Legendary Edition. To enable the in-game console across the three games, you will need to repeat the process for each of them.

  1. In your game binary directory (Game\ME?\Binaries\Win64), rename "bink2w64.dll" into "bink2w64_original.dll". IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE THIS FILE WITH THIS EXACT NAME! THE MOD NEEDS IT TO WORK, OTHERWISE YOUR GAME WON'T LAUNCH AT ALL!
  2. Copy the built proxy DLL ("bink2w64.dll" from "Release" folder) into the same ("Binaries") folder. In your file explorer, you should now see bink2w64_original.dll and bink2w64.dll sitting directly next to each other.
  3. Launch the game.
  4. Use "Tilde" (~) and "Tab" keys to open big and small console viewports, respectively. If you modified your console keybindings, the keys would be different.

This mod also distributes its source code (which is also available at the GitHub repository). You can study the code and verify that it doesn't steal your data (or does any other malicious activity), and build it using Visual Studio. However, do not ask for support in doing that. Also, in that event, the extent to which support for this mod would be provided to you would be significantly limited.

Also, there is an alternative way of unlocking the in-game console, one that doesn't involve renaming DLLs and that is quite a bit more stable in terms of interference by the games' DRM: Enable In-Game Console by Mgamerz.


  1. Make sure you are using the latest version, and that version is acquired from this page on NexusMods. Update to the latest version if it isn't.
  2. Make sure you have followed the instructions above to the letter. The original bink2w64.dll must be renamed exactly as specified.
  3. Make sure you have installed the console bypass to the correct directory. Not a backup, not the LE Launcher, but to the directory of the game where console still doesn't work.
  4. Make sure your game is a legitimate copy.
  5. Try to re-launch the game with the files in place 2-3 times.
  6. Open a bug here at NexusMods page, or come to the Mass Effect Modding Discord server. In either case, you will need to attach the log file (this tool generates it at ME?\Binaries\Win64\bink2w64_proxy.log, right next to the files you had copy-pasted into the folder). Also, attach a screenshot of the contents of that folder.


In the original Mass Effect trilogy, certain mods required a DLL bypass to work. This led many developers to distribute a Bink proxy with their mods. Even after almost the entire scene moved to use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager (M3), which has a built-in Bink proxy installer (currently only for OT), some developers continue(d) to ship their own DLLs, which resulted in many different versions of the tool being floating all over the Internet.

At the time this page was last updated, this proxy was not required for any content or graphic mod to work. Thus, shipping it with your mod is neither necessary nor of any value to the user. And it is also against the permissions. Until M3 supports installing this proxy out of the box, the preferred way of getting it is from this NexusMods page or, alternatively, from the GitHub Releases page.


To inject necessary functionality into the game, this proxy DLL uses a slightly modified MinHook library by Tsuda Kageyu. The license and a statement of changes for it can be found in the proxy's source files, which are distributed to the end user.

Thank you to the people of Mass Effect Modding Workshop for testing this tool. Thank you WarrantyVoider (though I doubt you're reading this) and Erik-JS for developing Bink bypasses for the games of the original trilogy - bypasses which this mod in many ways seeks to emulate. Thank you Mgamerz for providing advice regarding distribution methods.