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Adds more Casual Appearances and Armors to ME2LE and ME3LE

Permissions and credits
Adds 70 Casual Outfits, 11 Helmets, and 4 Armors to ME2LE and 45 Casual Appearances, 7 Helmets, and 9 Armors to ME3LE with Coalesced editing.

Armors ME2

- Adds the Medium and Heavy Onyx N7 Armors and two others to the Torso and Shoulder slider.
- The armor variations don't work under normal Armors, but work in Casual.

- Adds Hats and Accessories to the Helmet slider.
- This works the same as the original game where you need at least two pieces of armor equipped, or it will force the standard armor.
- Invisible pieces were added to all the slots, you need to set arms and legs to them. With that you can either use a Torso with a Helmet or Accessory, or
match the Torso and Shoulder sliders which will make it glow a bit.

Armors ME3

- Adds the Armor Sets without the helmets to the Torso Slider
- The armor variations don't work under normal Armors, but work in Casual.

Casual Appearances

- Adds Dresses, Uniforms, and other civilian outfits to the Casual slider in ME2 and ME3.

None Weapon Slot

- Adds a "None" option in weapon selection for Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Auto Pistols, and Heavy Weapons so you can have your preferred weapon loadout regardless of class.
- Only downside is Freedoms Progress where you keep the Pistol and Grenade Launcher from Lazarus Research Station and have to wait until you get to the Normandy to change loadout.


Check Skellin's LEME2 Scanning - Normandy - FOV - SCR - AAW Armor Combined Tweaks, where they combined their, 
Dukeofkiewit's AAW + SCR + FOV, and my mod together. (Thanks Skellin!)

Skellin also Merged our ME3LE Coalesced together in their ME3LE Coalesced Tweaks and Armor Appearances Combined mod.

ME2 Installation:

In "Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\ME2\BioGame\CookedPCConsole", Backup Coalesced_INT.bin and
replace it with the new Coalesced_INT.bin.

- If this doesn't work, it's most likely because you have a different localization. The game has different coalesceds for other languages, but simply renaming Coalesced should work.

English - Coalesced_INT.bin
German - Coalesced_DEU.bin
French - Coalesced_FRA.bin
Italian - Coalesced_ITA.bin
Polish - Coalesced_POL.bin

If you already have a mod replacing Coalesced, then you can combine them using LECoal
(Two tutorials exist, DukeOfKiewit's Manual - How To Edit Coalesced.bin, and Padme's Coalesced Edits Resources and Tutorials)

- Unpack your existing Coalesced with that tool, and you have two options:

1. If your last mod doesn't edit "-_-_BIOGame_Config_BIOGame.ini", then you can replace it with the one in the
merge folder and repack.

2. If it does, then you'll have to manually add the outfits under [SFXGame.SFXPawn_Player]
- Open "-_-_BIOGame_Config_BIOGame.ini" that you unpacked and scroll down to [SFXGame.SFXPawn_Player]
- You can copy everything from under Pawn_Player in the BIOGame Config in the merge folder, or open
"Manual BIOGame Merge.txt" and copy the Casual Outfits and Armors under the already existing appearances.

ME3 Installation:

In "Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\ME3\BioGame\CookedPCConsole", Backup Coalesced.bin and
replace it with the new Coalesced.bin.

If you already have a mod replacing Coalesced.bin, then you can combine them using the Wench's Coalesced Editor

- Go to biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxplayercustomization and copy the lines one at a time in the "Manual Merge.txt" in
the merge folder into right category