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Mutes Mira's overhead announcements about the landlines and reactor in Peak 15.

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What it says on the tin; Mira will no longer incessantly remind you that the landlines and reactor of Peak 15 need fixing while you're fighting through rachni and geth. If her repeated reminders get on your nerves, no more! Now she'll only comment on restoring power and entering the landline and reactor sections. Does not change her initial conversation with Shepard after startup.

Will conflict with any mods that change the following files:

  • Drag and drop the file into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and import it
  • Make sure the mod is selected in the mod manager and click apply
  • Click install and done! :D

  • In the mod manager, with LE1 in the installation target, click Manage Target
  • In the window that pops up, under the Installed DLC Mods tab, click Delete next to Mira, Please Be Quiet
  • Confirm your decision, and it's done

Thank you to the Me3Tweaks team for Legendary Explorer and ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.