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ADR restores the Admiral Daro'Xen war asset that was (mistakenly?) removed from the ME3 Legendary Edition. Claudia Black stans, rejoice!

Permissions and credits

Exactly what it says on the tin: restores the Admiral Daro'Xen War Asset to LE3. I think someone on the LE dev team might have just forgotten to copy it over into BioUI.xml? Maybe?

Either way, it's here now. Unlock Xen's war asset by completing Priority: Rannoch in the same way you could in vanilla ME3. Because none of that game logic has changed; the game just has an asset to give you, now.

Note that ADR cannot retroactively award you the asset if you've already completed Priority: Rannoch. Revert to any save prior to the final gameplay sequence in that mission in order to get it.

Installation and Removal

Import and install through ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. To uninstall, quit the game, and use ME3Tweaks Mod Manger to remove ADR:

  • With LE3 selected in the installation dropdown, click on Manage Target.
  • Click on the Delete button next to Admiral Daro'Xen Restored.
  • Close the window, and try to cope with the prospect of a life without ADR.


ADR is a single Coalesced_INT.bin edit, reintroducing the Daro'Xen war asset exactly as it appears in vanilla ME3's version of that file. It should be compatible with anything and everything - but if that's not the case for you, let me know, and I'll see about making a compatibility patch.