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This mod adds 20 female hairstyles to LE1 & LE2 originally made by NameIsLooney.

Permissions and credits
This mod introduces 20 female hairstyles originally made for ME3 by NameIsLooney to LE1 & LE2 with the author's permission. LE3 ports already exist and you can find them here:

Original hair meshes by Butterfly Sims, NewSea, Skysims, KSHairdo's, X, Peggyzone and Rosesims.
All 20 hairs are packed into one DLC file to prevent compatibility issues.

Installation instructions

This mod requires ME3Tweaks Mod Manager (at least version 7.0.3) and Trilogy Save Editor to work.

To install, simply drag and drop the .7z file into the Mod Manager's library (don't extract it), then select the mod and click on "Apply Mod."

You will also need to imput the following codes (in the spoiler below) via the Trilogy Save Editor for your chosen hair to be applied, as for now it is not possible to select them during character creation. Bear in mind that you must choose the "Custom Female" and "Change Appearance" options during character creation, since it's not possible to change the hair style if your Shepard is using the default appearance (the red head from the promos).

To do this, move to the Head Morph tab and change the code under Raw for the first line of your chosen hairstyle. The second line goes in Texture Parameters --> Hair Diff --> Value. Make sure the edited lines don't get any "??" (question marks) and if they do, make sure there are no spaces before or after the codes. Check the reference image if you'd like some visual help.


You can change hairs as often as you like and during any point of the game.

To uninstall remove the mod using the Mod Manager again. This won't make your save files unplayable, but note that any hairs applied will disappear and you'll need to re-edit the head morph through the Trilogy Save Editor.

Changelog v1.1
If you're updating from any version to v1.1, I strongly recommend you delete the previous version and reinstall instead of replacing files to prevent issues.

Known issues

Longer hairs will clip through most armors (especially bulky ones) and some casualwear, or even float over clothing in some cases. There is nothing to be done about that because the game was not developed with long hairstyles in mind.

Since these hair mods were originally ME3 ports, the meshes were slightly edited by me to make them compatible with LE2 & LE1's constraints (if you know about modding, LE1/2 hairs have less bones than LE3's), which means reports on whether hairs follow the head/chest/shoulders' movement are more than welcome. Hair movement should work as properly as it can but that might not be the case everytime; while I've done some testing I only have a set amount of time and I might've missed something.

Some hairs show bits of Shepard's scalp, likely because the hair selected in the character creator didn't need to cover it. To help with this issue, there are two possible fixes:
1) Find these settings in the Trilogy Save Editor:
  • HEAD MORPH-tab -> Scalar Parameters -> HED_Scalp_Mask_OverlayKill_Scalar
  • HEAD MORPH-tab -> Scalar Parameters -> HED_Scalp_Mask_Scalar
And change the first one from 0.000 to 1.000. If that doesn't alleviate the issue (or the value is 1.000 already), repeat the process in the second one. Thanks to Moraxix for this trick!

2) Find these settings in the Trilogy Save Editor (under Texture parameters) and replace them:
  • HED_Scalp_Diff: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Pulled.HMF_Hir_SCP_Pll_Diff
  • HED_Scalp_Norm: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Pulled.HMF_HIR_SCP_Pll_Norm
  • HED_Scalp_Spec: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Pulled.HMF_HIR_SCP_Pll_Mask
  • HED_Scalp_Tang: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Pulled.HMF_HIR_SCP_Pll_Tang
Or if it doesn't look good, replace the "Pulled" bit for "Pulled02" in all four lines and try again. Thanks to ColBatguano and Cos76 for this trick.


By downloading and installing this mod you agree to use it at your own risk. I won't provide help with any issues this mod might cause on pirated copies of the game (buy it if you haven't yet). You may further edit this mod as you wish for personal uses but if you're going to post it online, please credit me and the other authors. Do not re-host the files anywhere.


  • NameIsLooney for the original ports to ME3.
  • Butterfly Sims for the Bfly062 and Bfly68 meshes.
  • NewSea for the Newsea2, Chantal, FoamSummer, Pixie, Breath, Cain and Overflow meshes.
  • Skysims for the Skyskim3, Skysims140, Skysims124, Sky218, Sky245 and Sky148 meshes.
  • KSHairdo's for the Sky245, Sky148, Overflow and Madeleine meshes.
  • X for the Lara mesh.
  • Peggyzone for the Peggy7182 and Peggy meshes.
  • Rosesims for the Rose93 mesh.