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About this mod

Gives femshep new suits based on The Illusive Man's outfit. Now also includes suits for maleshep.

Permissions and credits

This DLC mod adds several modified versions of The Illusive Man's suit for femshep. Three model variants, option to choose the suits without a necklace, all of which can be bought from Nos Astra Sporting Goods. Update 2.0 also includes a selection of suits for maleshep.

If you want to replace the Casino Dress with one of these suits download the separate TIW Casino Dress Replacer mod (under optional files).

LE2 version can be found here.


Use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install. Drag and drop the zip file to the manager and install (or import, then apply mod). 


in Mod Manager, choose "Manage Target" for LE3 and disable or delete the mod. 

Compatibility & Known Issues

  1. Casino Dress Replacer mod is incompatible with similar mods.
  2. The neck seam is quite visible in certain lighting, this is something I can't fix.
  3. Maleshep's suit has not been tested in gameplay. Please inform me if there are any issues or weirdness with it and I'll take a look, but otherwise I don't have the time to be testing it as well.

Special Thanks

Audemus for testing and feedback.
Jenya66 for the help fixing the spec texture of the shoes.
Padme4000 for her store tutorials