Mass Effect Legendary Edition
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This mod improves the game experience when using xinput and kbm inputs at the same time, such as with the Steam Controller.
Issues addressed:
You can now control the camera using the mouse in Power/Weapon Wheels
The interface can be locked to gamepad mode, and will no longer flash when switching input modes.
overloaded mappings

Permissions and credits
I don't know how many others still use the Steam controller or any other unusual control scheme, but I do, and I made some improvements to how this game plays while using both gamepad and mouse/keyboard inputs at the same time. I figured I'd share in case it helps anyone else/they want to improve upon it.

This now covers all three LE games.

LE2 and LE3:
The mod is a DLC mod to be installed using ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Just drag the archive onto it and apply it. You can disable/remove it
there as well. It should not conflict with any other mods unless they mess with the same control mappings.

This is a coalesced edit, and requires replacing the entire coalesced_int.bin file until we have a better mod format. With a bit of manual work, you can combine it with other coalesced mods.

In all three games, this mod allows for locking the UI to controller mode (no more flickering when you use mouse/keyboard/controller inputs at the same time) and they allow for mouse camera control where it was previously not enabled, namely the power and weapon wheel screens. You still need right joystick output for scrolling and rotating certain things in menus, but for all gameplay you should be able to use a mixed input controller configuration (See caveat about using hotkeys 1-8 below).

To lock the UI to controller mode, the game needs to think you are always holding down a controller button. I have unmapped Select for this purpose. You should map your select button to the corresponding keyboard button to get the same functionality from your select button (H for LE1 and LE2, F5 for LE3). To trick the game, you need to map your always on action to Select. However, this only works if the game thinks you started pressing the key after the game started (and it resets after each reload or level change). Thus, you need to release Select and start pressing it again to actually lock the UI. You can do this with an action layer that explicitly overrides the always on action to Empty. Map a button to apply that action layer on hold (I recommend right grip), and then hold that button for less than a second to apply the action layer (which the game sees as lifting Select) then remove the action layer (which the game sees as you starting to press Select again, thus locking the UI. There is an example config here: steam://controllerconfig/1328670/2538513598

LE1 bonus features:
I have added separate keybinds for actions that are overloaded onto buttons, so that you can map these separately if you want. The added binds are as follows:
- P for power wheel, with no delay/single tap action
- N for weapon wheel (same as above)
- L for swap weapon (LB tap action)
- B for using the mapped power, as set in the power wheel (RB tap action)
- K for sprinting (no delay)
- 9 for action (single tap of space/A on controller)
- 0 for enabling mouse camera movement in tactics HUD view
- F6 for firing the vehicle cannon (in case you want to map that to always fire on a button while having no effect when outside the vehicle)
- F7 to boost vehicle (same as above)

Caveats/Known Limitations:
  • You cannot use the 1-8 hotkeys while using controller inputs or while locked into the controller UI. It works inconsistently in LE1 and not at all in LE2 and LE3.
  • I do not know of any way to lock the UI to mouse/keyboard mode. If both are being used, controller wins and it goes to controller UI. I may investigate further if there is interest, but this is a niche use case within a niche use case.
  • As mentioned above, you still need right stick output for scrolling and rotating things in the UI. I recommend putting this on the same action layer you use to lock the UI.
  • You will need to remap select in your controller config. The appropriate button to output is H for LE1 and LE2, and F5 for LE3 to match stock functionality.
  • As mentioned above, you need to re lock the UI after ever reload and level change.
  • Locking the UI to controller will break the PC tactics HUD. I don't consider this a huge downside because you can use the power/weapons wheels for all the same functionality.
  • The LE Launcher does not consistently detect controllers. It works with an XBox controller, but does not detect a steam controller as a controller in my testing. You will need to use a mouse/alternate config for the launcher.

Other recommended mods to use with this:
Storm Improvements (mine; shameless plug)
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