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Gives femshep a modified version of maleshep's intro outfit.

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This DLC mod adds a modified version of male Shepard's intro outfit for femshep, either as a new entry or (optionally) replaces the vanilla intro outfit. I've also included a flatter chestplate option for those who prefer it. Enjoy femshep finally looking like the soldier she's meant to be.


Use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install. Drag and drop the zip file to the manager and install (or import, then apply mod). 


in Mod Manager, choose "Manage Target" for LE3 and disable or delete the mod.


Intro Outfit Replacer option is incompatible with any mod that also modifies the intro outfit.

Known Issues

  • When using the intro outfit replacer option, there is a brief moment right after Shepard gets hit with the blast in the intro cutscene where the outfit has femshep's vanilla textures. Once the cutscene ends the outfit will have the correct textures. Fixing this requires including a large basegame file with the mod, which i'm not doing for compatibility reasons.
  • A niche compatibility issue with an unspecified mod; if fshep's damaged armor does not load after being hit by harbinger, try disabling this mod. I don't know the exact cause here but it's unlikely to be because of this mod alone. This is a quick fix that may or may not work depending on if you have other casual outfit mods installed. I heavily recommend asking for help on the modding server in case this happens to you instead so the modders there might find out more. Do not report this as a bug here without including debug logs along with the usual diagnostics. It is a known issue and I cannot do anything about it without getting more information. 

Special Thanks

and JadeBarker for testing and sorting out issues I had with this mod.