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Fixes the bug where Medigel is inadvertently used in combat.

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This mod is included in LE1 Community Patch. If you are using the community patch, you do not need this mod.


This mod fixes the bug where Medigel is accidentally used all the time in combat. It turns out, the first aid icon that tells you how much Medigel you have, is a button with terrible UX. When you have the Command HUD up, you can click it to heal yourself. When you are in combat mode, it is possible to position your invisible mouse over the button and click it, causing you to use Medigel without meaning to. This mod modifies the ActionScript of the HUD so that the button is no longer clickable in combat mode.

This mod should work in non-English localizations, but it has not been tested.

This mod is included in the LE1 Community Patch. Installing this mod is not necessary if you are planning to use the community patch.

  • Install this mod before any other UI overhauls. This mod will be compatible with LE1 Community Patch and other UI Overhaul mods that are in development.
  • This mod ships as a .m3m merge mod, so it is compatible with all other mods that modify the same file (Startup_INT), as long as they do not edit the PC_ME_HUD export.

  • Install with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager, version 7 or higher.
  • Drag and drop the .7z file into the Mod Manager window. Import, and then install the mod.

To uninstall: Restore your Startup_INT.pcc file from your ME3Tweaks backup.

  • Thanks to d00telemental for figuring out the root cause of the bug, and helping to test.