Mass Effect Legendary Edition
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Fixes mismatched textures on Garrus' casual outfit in LE3 by replacing the updated LE model with the model from original ME3.

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I was immensely peeved to find out that Garrus' outfit in Citadel DLC and his romance scene is broken - the model was updated to be more detailed, but the textures were not updated to match the new model. Since I know nothing about working with textures, this instead is a simple mesh replacement mod to try and fix it. 

This mod will replace the model for Garrus' casual outfit in Silvercoast Casino and in his romance scene before Cronos Station with the original ME3 model which actually matches up with the textures already in the game. The original ME3 mesh is much less detailed, mainly the flat straps and the body shape is more lanky, but I felt it was better than seeing the garbled mess of textures on Garrus.

  1. This isn't compatible to use together with Garrus with No Visor because it modifies same files.
  2. This mod will override it and Garrus will wear his visor in Silvercoast Casino and romance scene anyway if both are installed.
  3. The fix will not apply to Expanded Galaxy Mod's Squadmate Casuals, it will still use the LE mesh that doesn't have matching textures.

Use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install
Drag the zipped file over to the ME3 Tweaks Mod Manager window.
Then it will prompt to install directly or to import the mod into the library. If you are importing, make sure to click Apply mod at the bottom right of the window after.

Open ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to uninstall
Click Manage Target -> Click Delete on 'Garrus Casuals Fix'.