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This mod is a simple texture replace for the photo of Tali she gives you when romanced after finishing Rannoch in MELE3. This edit of the new LE3 texture preserves everything but Tali's face, which I repainted. It more closely resembles her early concept art and was inspired by more alien fanart of her.

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Mass Effect LE3 - More Alien Tali Photo

A very simple mod that does just what it says on the tin: it replaces the photo of Tali she gives you when romanced after finishing Rannoch with a version that is more alien. I edited the original art asset by creating a new face inspired by very early concept art and a really cute fanart of her I came across recently.

I always felt Tali’s revealed appearance was too “human but a bit to the left” compared with the varied and interesting designs of other ME aliens, like the designers felt pressured to make her revealed face conventionally attractive because she was a romance option. I've also really liked the nods to realities of her life (such as the hassles of hair in a suit that rarely comes off, and her canon respiratory issues) that more fan artists have made, which is why I chose to make her face without hair and add a cannula.

This is my first mod, and I don't have the skills, time, or resources to make a more comprehensive mesh-editing and rigged mod to change what she looks like in gameplay, but I hope this small mod will appeal to like-minded fans. Please let me know if you have any issues with it-- I haven't gotten far enough in my playthrough to see it yet. Screenshots of your Shepard with it would also be cool!

Thank you to MaryMakes/Soriyumi for the video on how to use MEM to make texture replacement mods, and Catie Rowley for the inspiration. Happy modding!