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Changes name of Engineer class while replacing some powers with Sentinel powers to it.

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* Engineer Class name is switched to "Alliance Princess" in game. 
* Incinerate & Sabotage are swapped out for Warp & Throw 
* Adds Tech Armor as an additional power 
* New pink color for Combat Drone! 
* Swaps Tech Mastery out for new Royal Training (Offensive Mastery)! 

The Alliance Princess are trained to lead and protect their fellow allies. They are tech specialist using top of the line tech to keep them in combat longer while combining biotics to help disengage any enemies. In combination with their weapons training, The Alliance Princess also commands a trusty Combat Drone and Sentry Turret, to secure their position and hold the line. The Alliance Princess is the ultimate stalwart protectress! Never letting the enemies close to their people.

*Read Me Info:*
Hii! This is my first attempt at a mod, I basically am obsessed with biotics and the adorable combat drone and figured why not combine them both! I am very very VERY new to modding so if there are any bugs I really apologize!!!! (Also I wasn't able to figure out how to make it female only, but who says a male can't be a Alliance Princess too?!?) (Pss. I swapped the Offensive Mastery (Sentinel line) to Engineer, as well changed it's name to Royal Training, so in the actual sentinel class it might show up as Royal Training sorry!) 

(2.0 Note ~ Also if you already made your character a Sentinel or any other class you can switch your class with Mass Effect Trilogy Save Editor! In the editor it'll still come up as Engineer, but in game it'll be switch to Alliance Princess :) )

A big and special thank you to Swagger for his amazing guide that helped me do this & Bosmeroya for being a sweetheart with all of his guidance that helped me change the combat drone! His guide for the OG ME3 worked like a charm! Addtional shout outs to Sapphire, Beccatoria & Bradxkillyou for helping answer all my questions I had regarding fixing the combat drone and adding the class description! You guys rock!

(Swagger Guide: 
(Bosmeroya Guide: 

To Install please get the ME3 Tweaks Mod Manager Beta 

On ME3 Tweaks Mod Manager click Manage Target and then Disable/Delete Alliance Princess (Engineer_Sentinel Mashup)