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Make LE: ME2 Shepard run thrice as long, and give him an athlete's stamina regen.

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! Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition !

Commander Shepard is a hero, a legend, but he has the stamina of a Covid-19 locked-down me. 

No longer!

This LE:ME2 Coalesced_INT.bin edit allows Shepard to run three times as long in combat, and four times as long in non-combat!
Also triples and quadrupoles his stamina regeneration as well as lower the cooldown for storming.
Because our Shepard is a military man in peak condition...

Install instructions:

1. Create a back-up of the Coalesced_INT.bin file
This file is found in:
<install directory>\Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\ME2\BioGame\CookedPCConsole\

Always make back-ups, it's just a safe practice. 

2. Move the downloaded Coalesced_INT.bin file to:
<install directory>\Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\ME2\BioGame\CookedPCConsole\
and choose "replace".

3. Delete the BIOGame.ini found in:
<install directory>\Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\ME2\BioGame\Config\

Don't worry, every time you launch and close the game this BIOGAME.ini file gets created or updated.
In essence, it's a copy of the data found in the Coalesced_INT.bin > BIOGame_Config_BIOGame.ini file.


As you probably figured out, this edit is not compatible with other mods which edit the Coalesced.bin file.

See the Allow All Weapons page for a combination of both Shepard can Run & Allow All Weapons edits.

If you want to use this along side other Coalesced.bin mods:

By using d00telemental's LECoal tool LECoal you can unpack and repack the Coalesced_INT.bin file.
This requires some usage of Windows Powershell.
I'll soon upload a tutorial for this (somewhere next week).

Use the tool and unpack your other mods Coalesced_INT.bin.

After unpacking look for "-_-_BIOGame_Config_BIOGame.ini"  and open it with Notepad.

Search for the lines "StormStamina" , "StormRegen", "StormStaminaNonCombat" and "StormRegenNonCombat".
Change the values (up for longer running / quicker regen).

Save and repack the Coalesced_INT.bin.