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Bunch of outfits as store buyable casual clothes for femShepard in LE3

Permissions and credits

I imported lots of sims and made 15 different outfits for femShepard. There are 73 outfits in total with all the recolors. Since that would be too much for shep's closet i put them to Kassa Fabrications Store which can be accessed either through the normandy or from the actual store.  

Special thanks to Druu for her blender mesh tutorials, to munchyfly for her tutorials and being so helpful all the time, to Padme4000 for her dlc making tutorials, store tutorials and being so helpful, to ThaliaGrace for being so helpful and trying to figure out why my mod was not working at some point, to Sapphire for always willing to help, and to Khaar for fixing my banner problem.  Thank you for all the other people on discord for being so helpful all the time. This mod wouldn't have been possible without you all <3

I recommend Choose Your Outfit mod as a way to choose your casino outfit. You of course need to have your preferred outfit, bought and in your closet before you're able to choose it.

This is a ME3Tweaks mod so just drag the 7zip to the mod manager and import-apply. It is important to install all the content mods before starting to apply texture mods. 

Manage target Disable/Delete Outfits for Shepard LE3

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Mods used in screenshots

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