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Replaces Garrus' Alternate Appearance Armor with the undamaged version of his default blue armor. Includes squad selection images.

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I always found it odd that Garrus never bothered to get himself a new set of armour after gaining access to Cerberus resources, instead of choosing to wear that busted-ass armour.

So I fixed it.

This mod replaces Garrus' Alternate Appearance Pack armour with the undamaged version of his default blue armour.

1. Install the main file using ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.
This main file adjusts the material properties of the armour. As of version 1.2 this is now neccessary. The package files have been edited as such that they now reference the correct textures internally.

2. Install the GarrusUndamagedTexture.mem with Mass Effect Modder (this can be found under 'tools' ME3Tweak Mod Manager)
This adds the squad selection images and replacement textures. The armour textures are now redundant when used with the main file, but this file can be used on it's own should you choose, but will use the default Alt Appearance material properties.