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About this mod

This mod will include all casual outfits I make for Shepard both BroShep and Femshep

Permissions and credits

What is this mod?

This mod will include all casual outfits for Shepard both BroShep and Femshep
Casuals will have an option to be installed in the armour slot as well
in a later update.

Option to auto unlock or to buy them in Kassa Fabrications
Will update with images to the store when I get them working.

So far for LE3 only but I will be making it for LE2 as well
Likely a separate page so the file section doesn't get too hectic to navigate.


This is made as a new added outfit so should not clash with other mods
If it does please inform me either in comments, DM or bug section
So I can look into it <3

Do Retextures work?

Some will be compatible with already existing retextures, and some will need some making for it.

The only part of the outfits that should not automatically be compatible with texture mods without getting the new crc is the jack part of the jackified n7 dress this is so both Jack and Shep can have separate retextures

Make sure you have no textures already installed before installing this mod and then in MEM you
go to Texture Utilities > Delete Texture Scan File and let the game rescan the textures.

To Install:

Use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install
Drag the zipped file over ME3 Tweaks Mod Manager
Then it will prompt to install directly.
If importing via import button make sure to click Apply mod at the bottom right of the window.

Make sure to install all content mods (ME3 Tweaks mod manager)
before installing any textures. 

To uninstall:

Manage Target -> Delete or Disable 'Padme's_Armoury_for_Shepard'.

Mod Inspirations/Credits

You may notice some casuals from my XPS days
such as the the N7 Dress mixes I did for Ashley here
2014 feels so long ago

Heleuss made a similar idea of the
Jackified N7 Dress for ME3OT which I adore <3
if playing OT I definitely suggest it.

Nagyond made a ME3OT version of the sleeveless Hoodie
I did make mine myself as I do with all my models
but as they gave permission for others to make
a sleeveless hoodie for femshep
I wanted to give credit.

Big thank you to those who helped with translations

Zagarah, WarDrake, Staminer, Krozt

More Thank You's

Thank you to munchyfly for the motivation you give me

Sapphiras for pointing me in the right direction
for images in the store (feature not yet available)

Thank you mrjack900 for being so helpful with
The parts I was having problems with
It really means a lot

And a big thank you to everyone working on the tools
and the modding community for being so open to help other