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About this mod

Adds a custom leather jacket outfit to femshep's locker. Version 3.0 now also includes the hoodie jacket for maleshep.

Permissions and credits

This DLC mod adds several leather jacket outfits for femshep to use in LE3. All outfits can be bought from the Kassa Fabrication store on the Citadel or through the store interface on the Normandy. 

The mod includes:

  • The original Leather Jacket, with the old jeans, new jeans, army pants, and dog tags.
  • The hoodie jacket with the new jeans, old jeans, and hoodie mesh pants.
  • New Leather Jacket with a T-shirt, with nearly the same amount of options as the original jacket outfit
  • Turtleneck Jacket, 6 options.
  • Hoodie Jacket mesh for maleshep, two versions with brown and black jackets (4 in total).

Optionally you can unlock the four original jackets by default.


Use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install. Drag and drop the zip file to the manager and install (or import, then apply mod). 


in Mod Manager, choose "Manage Target" for LE3 and disable or delete the mod.


No known incompatibilities with other mods

Known issues

  • I've done my best to remove the neck seam on the outfits, but it is still visible in certain lighting and there's not much I can do about it for now.
  • New jeans, T-shirt and turtleneck meshes were handmade by me and textured with SP. I'm still learning & doing this as a hobby so the end results aren't professional quality. 
  • the "New Jacket" is slightly bigger than the old one so the proportions might look off on fshep's with really small heads.
  • There is a possibility of neck clipping with the turtleneck shirt. I've tried to adjust the weights so the collar moves with the neck, but since the collar isn't very thick fshep's neck can still clip through it. Please inform me if the clipping is excessive and I'll take a look at the mesh again.
  • The maleshep hoodie jacket has not been tested in gameplay. If there is excessive clipping or other issues with the mesh please inform me about it so I can fix it.

Future Plans

  • Update my LE1/LE2 outfit mods.
  • Other minor adjustments to the outfits when I have more free time again.

Special Thanks

Jenya66 and ThaliaGraces for advice on how to set up multiple materials and adding the outfit as a new entry.
Audemus for testing the mod and bringing issues to my attention.
zebbros, without whose help it probably would've taken me several months to figure out the correct workflow for substance painter. Thank you sm again :^D