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A completely new 4K relay jump video for LE2, combining a new shot from the incredible plasmaFLOW with ME3 footage.

Permissions and credits
Relay Jump Remaster (LE2)

What does this mod do?

This is a port/remake of the optional Relay Jump Remaster from ALOV for ME2. It combines an entirely new 3D render of the Cerberus Normandy SR2 with an edited ME3 relay jump. This LE remake is also using the new upscaling method that we're working on for the upcoming ALOV for Legendary Edition, so the video is at crystal clear 4K.

Be aware that this new version is the same length as the relay jump in Mass Effect 3, so if a longer relay jump annoys you then this is not the mod for you.

This showcase is for the OT version so the new one has a better upscale, but otherwise, they are exactly the same.

  1. Download the newest version's 7z file
  2. Drag into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
  3. Click Apply Mod

Team and Credits:

Project Lead: Audemus
Relay Jump Remaster Normandy Shot: Dylan Blanqué
Cloud Storage Provided By: bosp

Special thanks to beccatoria for helping ensure compatibility with Trigger Buttons + Early Recruitment.

Additional thanks to our discord communities:
Mass Effect Modding Community:
ALOT community
ME3Tweaks community