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Skips or lets easily skip the minigames.

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  • Some minigames are completely removed. Notably those on mineral deposits and artifacts. The interface will not show up at all. 
  • Other minigames remain but can be bypassed at no omni-gel cost. Notably those on containers. So they can still be played from time to time, or skipped with one click.

  • In all cases, the XP received remains the same as without the mod.
  • A few unique instances of minigames may not be affected by the mod. Notably the towers of Hanoi, or the one on the mining laser. Also, some "regular" but quest-related minigames in the Bring Down the Sky DLC still require omni-gel to be bypassed (not those on containers, but those to disable the torches, activate the com tower).

If you are feeling supportive, you can buy me a tower in Hanoi


Install with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.

  • Drag and drop the compressed (.7z) mod file for Skip Minigames into the Mod manager window, and import it.
  • Select the mod in the Mod Manager library list (for LE1) and click "Apply Mod".

Uninstall with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.

  • Go in Manage Target (for LE1), then click on the "Modified basegame files" tab.
  • Restore SFXGame.pcc.
  • Obviously, this will also remove any other modifications of this file by other mods.



To Mgamerz, SirCxyrtyx, d00t, HenBagle, and anyone who contributed to ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and ME3/LegendaryExplorer.