Mass Effect Legendary Edition
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Skip hacking and bypass minigames, both in classic 'click to win' and modern 'complete skip' style

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Skip Minigames for LE2 skips the hacking and bypass minigames, automatically providing you with a win. This mod does NOT modify the galaxy map probes; that is a different mod.

This mod has two options to install from:

Classis is the same style as the version from ME2, made by Dybukk, where the minigame UI opens up, and you win when you click start. This mode makes it feel like you at least did something to hack or bypass something.

Modern is the same style as Mass Effect 2 Randomizer, where the minigame is entirely skipped. There is no UI, you immediately win when you click on the object. This mode is faster and completely removes the minigame concept.

How to install
You must use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install this mod. It cannot be installed manually. Drag and drop the archive onto the interface and either import and apply, or press install.

How to uninstall
If you made a game backup in Mod Manager:
Click Manage Target > Restore the Startup_XXX.pcc (classic) or SFXGame.pcc (modern) files in the Modified Basegame files tab

If you didn't:
Repair the game in either Origin or Steam